Hi! Fair labor and fair trade around the world, Ethical business processes — all day every day, Commitment to serving the community and planet in the long term. And it’s been easy to go along with the tide. Besides expert copywriting, you also get: - SEO optimization - Content that makes your website rank higher in Google, - Creative Blog Topics - Be the go-to website for quality information, - Action-driven copy - Convert readers into returning customers, - Scholarly Research - Relevant information from trustworthy sources, - Formatting - Eye-catching and easy to read. By giving your business the chance to reach wider audiences. 70% of consumers in the United Stated and Canada think it’s important that products are environmentally friendly or sustainable. You haven’t been able to find anyone who can capture the exact brand voice you’re looking for ...yet. You'll be happy you did.”, “So thankful for Ana’s professionalism. Focus on what you do best while I bring on new customers, Let your ideal client come to you— not the other way around, Reach the greatest potential for your business. So maybe these companies have weaseled their way to the top in the past, but not anymore because of businesses like yours. You should be! They’re interested in doing business with brands they trust — ones that stand out from the rest. Increased sales? Nurdles, also known as mermaid tears, are tiny plastic pellets causing big damages. But don’t worry, I tackle the overwhelm that you feel when you read that list. Marketing for your company doesn’t have to be a nightmare - not if you put it in the hands of an expert copywriter and content creator. Jennifer is also the founder of The Social Copywriter, a digital agency harnessing the power of copywriting and content marketing to help mindful businesses reach more people. Need to hire a freelance fashion copywriter? My Writing Services. It got me thinking about all the ways my choices impact the Earth on a daily basis. What’s the point? Your website is the best way to leave lasting impressions and build trust with your customers. Your website- highlight what’s great and make improvements that turn visitors into returning customers. Companies who uphold a responsibility to their planet, workers, and consumers. I’m one of these consumers, and it’s my passion to spread the message of companies like yours. A biodegradable packaging company that wants to eliminate single-use plastic . Our agenda is to create awareness of sustainable and conscious fashion to inspire towards more conscious consumer choices. She completely understands our brand & our mission…and her writing reflects that. The Truth About Green Cosmetics: Why Do They Cost a Fortune? She delivers her work as promised, on time, and on point. Yup- that’s me! Your website copy is bland and outdated. Thanks so much, Ana! How am I just realizing this now? With action-oriented copy, you build an online presence that is trustworthy and turns visitors into loyal customers. This has caused a shift in the way customers shop. How do I do it? I’m Jordan, your new copywriter. I wanted to raise awareness. Any kind of green business that has sustainability as a priority . Earn more sales and maintain meaningful, lasting relationships with your consumers. Conscious Fashion Fair is a non-profit organization and a sustainable initiative in the modern consumer society. As an experienced researcher with a college degree in Food Science, I build content that’s science-backed, using only reputable sources. I’m always up for a new challenge. With eco-conscious content that compels your readers, I help them understand why a sustainable lifestyle is necessary. Spend more time chasing sunsets. You know your consumers are not just interested in spending money. Google gets 3.5 billion questions a day, and with the right content, they can be landing on your website for answers. Yet, the Edelman Trust Barometer- an annual study on consumer trust, shows that roughly half of Americans do not trust businesses. You really don’t understand why so many of your competitors have a blog. Ana found the exact words to communicate what my brand wants to transmit. As the seasons began to change, your skincare routine should change too. This makes an online presence vital to reach potential clients and build trust.

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