© 2020 Woman of Noble Character Site Built by The Blogging Divas. If Jesus lived inside my heart (book: Author – Jill Roman Lord) – helps kids 2-5 understand what it means to live for Jesus http://shop.discovergod.com/product/because-god-is-awesome/?-session=dg:6375B91F02cf905F87Pv98F11780 Instead of mindless tv, share a video like this with your children then ask them questions to help them to understand. Truth-speaker. I read it when my now grown children were young. For more detailed information, please visit our Affiliate Disclaimer page17 Must Read Books on Christian Marriage to…, Sign up and get FREE Bible Journaling Printables sent straight to your inbox. When you make a mistake or talk harshly to them, ask for forgiveness and use that moment to discuss how God forgives us, too. Even if you have not been teaching your child about God to your satisfaction up to this point (or if you, yourself have only recently become a believer), it’s not too late to start. Read, play, talk and have fun with each of your children – just one on one and as a family. your ides really help me & n My ministries but most of time i cant……….. Today’s post is from my friend Katie Orr. Mommy of three. Share it with someone! Note from Kat: I’ve been quite busy this summer getting my new blog, HowTheyBlog.com up and running. Now that your child is in high school and quickly approaching their adulthood, it’s time to graduate to an adult Bible. I tried clicking your link to whats in the bible, and it just brought be to their store page. Something weird happened to the video code. Thumbs up for the options Kat listed! As a Christian parent, we want nothing more than for our children to grow up knowing who God is and raising them as disciples of Christ. And, I agree, Amanda at OhAmanda has a gift! What video is it that we should be looking for? Thank you for taking the time to write out these posts, Katie. What God has always wanted (book: Author – Charles Boyd) – ‘The Bible’s big idea from Genesis to Revelation’ – fantastic overview of God’s plan for salvation for kids! Give me the words to speak and help me live a life that points to You. In addition, Bible accounts of how God dealt with people can help children to know and to love God. Youtube has a ton of great videos by publishers you can trust including Zondervan. I have heard so many good things about “Grace Based Parenting”, need to grab a copy and delve in. Demonstrate that they can talk with you about anything and then ask God for the grace to respond in love, without judgement. You will not be disappointed! (More on this in a bit). Your children can learn to love God only if they have evidence that he exists and that he loves them. Grace-clinger. Gospel-centered resources to share the Gospel with kids. Was this post helpful? Ugh. If you want to teach your children about God, being a “contagious Christian” is the most important way to do that. Chapter Three How To Share the Gospel With Your Child. Before discussing a truth from God’s Word, take a moment to consider if the child is mature enough for the subject or if it will confuse or even scare them. January 1, 2014. I hope you’ve enjoyed our How to Share the Gospel with Your Kids series. Teaching your children about God most often takes place in these everyday conversations. Allow them the chance to ask questions and, be open and vulnerable when responding. First, children learn by what they see. Teaching Kids About God’s Big Story. There’s a wealth of books, courses and other resources for teaching your children about God, Woman of Noble Character Affiliate Program, Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp, Encourage My Tween’s Heart Workbook by Lee Felix. If you do, you’re excitement will be contagious and your children’s passion for God will be ignited. Some suggested topics to teach your elementary school-aged child about God: Once your child hits middle school they are at the age to truly begin to understand God and His plan of salvation. Paul reminds Timothy that he had the privilege of knowing the holy Scriptures “from infancy” (2 Timothy 3:14-15). (1 John 4:8) For example, they need to know: What was God’s purpose for creating man? Father, please give me the wisdom and discernment to teach my child(ren) about You and how marvelous You are. Find fun ways to share about God and Jesus and being the little sponges they are, they will soak it up. In this post, Monkey See, Monkey Do, I talk more about that, but demonstrating your own faith is one of the greatest things you can do to stoke the flames of your children’s own passion for God. Your children can learn to love God only if they have evidence that he exists and that he loves them. To add to the list: As an Amazon Associate, as well as an affiliate of other programs, this means if you purchase something using these links, I will receive a commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you!

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