Six Highlights About Indian School of Business. First of all think about What I Want To Hear If I Ask You To Tell Me About Yourself? Start with the present and tell why you are well qualified for the position.? Thanks for sharing nice information on GMAT coaching | Training for GMAT | Sandeep Gupta | Top One Percent Gmat. Tell me about yourself. So let’s talk about some of the classic pitfalls of this seemingly easy interview ice-breaker and how you can avoid them when you find yourself in an MBA interview. The MBA Interview Preparation Guide contains the most common MBA interview questions, such as tell me about yourself, etc. read about how to approach a team-based interview here, difference between admissions committee and alumni interviews here. Bay Education Partners LLP. With this formula you should be able to rock this question. I work mostly in Adobe, and I’m comfortable with both Mac and PC. I love animals, and people are okay.” Why It’s A Bad Answer Uh oh. Even before you answer this question, give a firm handshake, establish rapport, engage in small talk, smile and use these tips to open the interviewer's mind to your suggestions.Follow the 10-20-30-40 rule when it comes to dividing the answer into four relevant segments.10-20-30-40 RulePersonal details: family & hometown should occupy the least time in the interview. Worli | Mumbai 400030, Privacy PolicyCancellation & Refunds Copyright 2019. And, because it’s usually the first question presented to them by their interviewer, it can set the tone for the whole interview and derail all the planning and preparation you’ve done. Do not trust any offers of guaranteed admission to a school or a certain minimum dollar value in scholarships. 20 – EducationStick to the title of course, skills developed, and the learning experience provided by the program. Many people say you should also highlight strengths in your answer. Do they attend professional conferences or training workshops on a regular basis to keep up with regional and national trends and changes in the law. - Accepted to Harvard MBA with ScholarshipDownload MBA Admission Interview Guide, Navigate F1GMATF1GMAT Services (MBA Applicants), MBA Salary(Latest Salary Data) MBA Admission Interview Tips, F1GMAT MBA Admissions ConsultingStart Free MBA Admissions Consulting here, use these tips to open the interviewer's mind to your suggestions, Career Planning and Detailed Profile Evaluation (Premium Service - Finding career goals and MBA Programs to match your aspirations), Essay Review (Essay Review + Resume Editing), (Premium Service - Choose between two MBA programs), Essay Editing (One Essay/One Cover Letter - Yale, Harvard and MIT), MBA Recommendation Letter Editing (1 MBA Program), Winning MBA Essay Guide (Book - Essay Tips for Top 16 MBA programs + storytelling + leadership narratives + review +sample essays + writing tips)(over 100 Sample Essays), Essential GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide (100+ questions)(296 Pages of tricks, tips and strategy), Mastering GMAT Critical Reasoning Guide (GMAT 800 level questions) (214 Pages of tricks, tips and strategy), Comprehensive MBA Research Guide(Book) (US, UK, France and International), MBA Admission Interview Tips (School Specific), MBA Application Essay Tips (School Specific), Winning MBA Essay Guide (Harvard + Stanford + Wharton + Columbia + Booth + MIT + Kellogg + Darden + Yale + NYU Stern + Haas + Ross + Duke Fuqua + INSEAD + LBS + Tuck) (100+ Sample Essays), Harvard MBA Essay Guide (6 Sample Essays), Columbia MBA Essay Guide (14 Sample Essays), Stanford MBA Essay Guide (19 Sample Essays), Darden MBA Essay Guide  (24 Sample Essays), Wharton MBA Essay Guide (10 Sample Essays), Yale SOM MBA Essay Guide (8 Sample Essays), MIT Sloan MBA Essay Guide (6 Sample Cover Letters), Kellogg MBA Essay Guide (6 Sample Essays), Chicago Booth MBA Essay Guide (12 Sample Essays), NYU Stern MBA Essay Guide (3 Sample Essays), Duke Fuqua MBA Essay Guide (6 Sample Essays), Start Free MBA Admissions Consulting here. 10 Overall, when you practice your answer, you want to tell a great story about yourself that you can share in no more than two minutes. We hope that you have found some inspiration in our answers, and that you will manage to prepare your great answer to the question. IECs don’t get students admitted—they help students demonstrate why they deserve to be admitted at appropriately chosen schools. I have an Associate’s Degree from LA ORT for Digital Media, so I have a strong understanding of how Graphic Design integrates with an overall brand and its marketing efforts.

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