When it comes to pad Thai, it's all about the savory peanut sauce, and this version is seriously lacking in that department. Easily the best frozen pizza that Trader Joe's has to offer. Put them on a plate by themselves, or if you want to get really fancy, surround them with some chips, dip, and guac for a total touchdown. Chances are, they’ll be gone before the Halftime Show begins. I wanted to like this tropical smoothie-bowl breakfast, but it just doesn't taste fresh and the toppings (the best part, of course) are sparse. These Trader Joe's frozen meals are perfect for new moms and busy families! At the surface, there's nothing fancy about these mini ice cream cones coated in chocolate. My kids are about to revolt. All rights reserved. This selection of frozen apps from Trader Joe’s has a little something for everyone — traditional food fare like wings and mini tacos, but it also has some unexpected apps, too, involving ingredients like Camembert cheese and filo dough. These chocolate-chip coated ice cream sandos are guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again. Walking through the frozen food aisle at Trader Joe's is many things: awe-inspiring, hunger-inducing, and, Mexican Style Roasted Corn with Cotija Cheese. Trader Joe’s Mini Beef Tacos, found in the grocer’s frozen section, are right up that alley. When it comes to seafood burgers, this shrimp version takes the cake over the salmon and mahi mahi patties. 7 hours ago, by Angela Law Make your Super Bowl fiesta fabulous when you serve up these mini beef tacos ($4). Making croissants from scratch is something that most people (myself included) will probably never try. Camembert Cheese & Cranberry Sauce Filo Bites, Pastry Bites With Feta Cheese & Caramelized Onions. These marinated and pre-cooked Korean short ribs are probably better than anything I could make from scratch. I suggest grabbing one of each and finding your favorite. But on it's own, it's unimpressive. . Serve this finger food with some salsa and TJ's pre-made guac and you've got an instant fiesta. My main complaint with this party app is that the breading overpowers the cheese. This one, unfortunately, isn't one of them. Pillsbury's New Christmas Tree Cookie Kits Come With Pillsbury Doughboy Baker's Hats! Stick with TJ's falafel mix. For $5, you’ll score 12 bites. Whether you’re rooting for the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs, one thing’s for certain: Your guests are going to be hungry. These babies are crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside and pair perfectly with honey pale ale mustard. Pigs in a blanket are all grown up in this frozen app, thanks to an extra dash of Parmesan cheese and delish puff pastry. Enjoy these for brunch with a poached egg and a slice of smoked salmon, and you're basically a gourmet chef. We think Trader Joe’s Mini Chicken Tacos would make an excellent party platter. For that reason, I'll put them somewhere in the middle. When stocking up on snacks for you Super Bowl party, you could go to big box stores like Costco or BJs and get a bountiful amount of delicious food to feed a crowd. Let it thaw for 20 minutes before cooking, then add the prosciutto slices, which are packed separately. Walk away from the wings for a moment, if you will, and try out these chicken spring rolls. Trader Joe's has plenty of frozen pizzas I genuinely enjoy (see: #5 on this list). This crispy battered cauliflower is definitely satisfying, just go easy on the Kung Pao sauce. I almost screamed out loud when I first spotted these at my local T.J's. The shrimp are large and there are a bunch of them, so you feel like you're getting your money's worth. Surprise your guests by swapping out the salsa for this delicious dip. ☝️, Awesome, You’re All Set! At $7.99 per package, this is one of the pricier items in Trader Joe's freezer aisle. The pros: Trader Joe’s Mini Chicken Tacos are a tasty and quick appetizer that are ready in under 10 minutes. It's PERFECT. As far as fish sticks go, these battered nuggets are leaders of the pack. While these vegan patties aren't BAD, they don't taste anything like the crab cakes they're meant to mimic. 14 hours ago, by Kelsie Gibson Serve it with crackers, crudite, or even chunks of fancy French bread. Trader Joe’s Mini Beef Tacos cost us $4.29 for a box. It's definitely more than edible, but I'm not running back for this. Don't miss this list! It takes a tad bit more effort, but it's much tastier and crispier once cooked. You can definitely dress up this riced cauliflower stir to make it a satisfying meal. Trader Joe's has lots of frozen options that make it easy to eat vegetarian, but IMO these well-seasoned, Thai-inspired burgers are one of the absolute best. You might be overwhelmed as you browse the numerous dumpling options at your local T.J.s I'll save you the guesswork: just grab one of these babies — the pork and chicken versions are equally good. Cornbread becomes the base for a delicious popper filled with pepper jack cheese and serrano chile peppers. They're great! A slight point reduction for the slightly small serving size, but I think this tikka masala with basmati rice is pretty much restaurant-quality. Swoon. All it needs is 20 minutes in the oven until it's golden and the cheeses are melted. 11. Don't let the bananas fool you, these bite-sized desserts are totally indulgent. Better leave that to the French...or to Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's is a neighborhood grocery store with amazing food and drink from around the globe and around the corner.

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