Fit the top and bottom couch covers over the mattress and box spring. I couldn't believe my luck! Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 20. If you’re going for a traditional platform bed, you’re…DONE. Great job! Leave your bottom seam open. Cut your remaining fabric in half lengthwise. It is easier to have a second person help you hold the mattress and the seam as you sew. 10 years ago Filed Under: Home, Shelter & Decor, Outdoors & Garden. Measure and Cut Panels for the Mattress In any case,  back to the original post I commented on, destroying a reusable product is wasteful. But either way, I think I'm still mad. The only thing to use on a mattress set is the boxspring IF you remove everything except the springs and the wood. Arrange your mattress with the long side against the wall. It is not a joke. If you ask us, the best part about this project (other than bragging rights, of course) is getting to customize each detail to build out the type of bed that best suits your needs. Cut the foam in half lengthwise. This means one bed frame is put on another one, just like LEGO units. Twist the legs into the leg plates, flip it over, and boom. Ob eher klassisch, modern oder komplett schrill, mittlerweile gibt es für jeden Geschmack das passende Design. I then trimmed any excess fabric. Look at micro suede in a pleasing neutral color. Boxspringsofas online kaufen bei OTTO › Große Auswahl Top Service Top Marken Ratenkauf & Kauf auf Rechnung möglich › Jetzt bestellen! Cut your elastic 4-inches shorter than your original measurement and sew the elastic into the hem around the inside bottom of each cover. If it is possible cut the wood leaving a supporting crosspiece to form the back line of the new edge (see photo). Now, trim this piece of fabric to be skinnier: Add 12 inches to the height of your box spring to figure out this dimension. I used a thimble and needle-nose pliers to sew the ends. Copyright Homestead & Survival © 2012–2020, Looking for something in particular? Whatever you’re looking for, the possibilities are endless. Wrap it around to the bottom of the wooden crosspiece. Repeat for both pieces. Buy twice the length of elastic. 100+ Holiday Gift Ideas (Part 3) 100+ Holiday Gift Ideas (Part 2) 100+ Holiday Gift Ideas (Part 1) Easy Recipe To Create Liquid Soap From A Soap Bar; 12 DIY Mudroom Designs And Ideas; DIY Swamp Cooler To Keep Cool In Hot Weather; How To Turn Mini Blinds Into … 9 years ago Repeat for your second cushion. A store that does sell used mattresses is supposed to "sterilize" them and mark them as used but there are news stories of a few unscrupulous retailers that just put the mattress back on the shelf. Sewing needle and upholstery thread Repeat this on every side of the box spring until you come back around to where you started. Get it as soon as Sat, Nov 28. Transforming a bed into a sofa gives you a comfy place to lounge that is versatile as well. Personally, I still would have taken it and recycled it. Cut off the elastic as close to the elastic as you can. Fold each raw edge under ½-inch and sew half of the tape to each piece of fabric. I also used a glover needle that has a pyramid point which is a little stronger and a little easier to grab with the pliers. 99 $248.74 $248.74. DHP Paxson Convertible Futon Couch Bed with Linen Upholstery and Wood Legs - Grey. Ad Choices, And the most difficult part is finding a heavy-duty staple gun, make a headboard from something you already own. Take a well-deserved break. Say you have an old mattress and box springs set, but your tastes lean a bit modern/minimal and you have your heart set on a low, platform-style bed. You don't want the thread to break and a large section of your seam to unravel. Butt the two hemmed edges together (don't overlap) and hand stitch. This helps your bed look more like a couch. Ein Sofa mit Boxspring eignet sich perfekt für eine Alternative zum Gästezimmer. loser Kissen und Bettkasten, Home affaire Ecksofa, mit Boxspringfederung, wahlweise mit Bettfunktion, sit&more Ecksofa, inklusive Boxspring-Polsterung, Home affaire Ecksofa »Sundance«, wahlweise mit Bettfunktion mit Boxspringfederung, Home affaire Schlafsofa, Boxspring für Dauerschläfer geeignet. You don't want the metal rod poking straight out through the fabric.Cut springs Using a Dremel tool with a Fiberglas reinforced cutting wheel cut down the line of springs (see photo). Lay the fabric on the sections to measure and cut. Staple in place and trim excess. I took the cover back to the mattress (still inside out) and put it on the mattress. )Power drill. Need extra storage? 10 years ago Turn your corners so face sides are together and sew a ½-inch seam. Ein Sofa oder eine Couch mit Boxspringfederung bietet hochwertigen Sitzkomfort. Instead of going that route, this couple repurposed the box spring (which has a lot of wood) and made a simple table and chair for their outside deck. My partner only decided to post this after I was finished so it's not as complete as it might have been. Recycling is one thing - but use your head. $12.99 $ 12. Our 'they' is we. 10 years ago Close up ends by pulling covering and padding back into place. Calculate size of sitting areaI measured the cushions on a regular couch to find out where to cut the two ends of the box springs. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. You might want to pull the seams together and clamp. You can see my comment to mikeeve. But, and this is a big but, 10 trips to the hardware store and many drills and saws later, the dream is often crushed. One seam! There’s a platform bed for that. I used those clamps that look like industrial clothes pins. I anchor-pinned the brown wrap-around piece (inside out) on the mattress and laid the decorative fabric on top (also inside out). Luckily, converting a bed into a couch is a simple, strategic process. This will take longer than you think it will. This DIY project is a great use for older box springs, and an affordable way to have a “brand new” bed. 99. This will create two back cushions. Lay this pup on your floor, top it with a mattress, and make the bed. This was my exploratory cut. I used remnants I already had so this project cost me nothing but your situation will probably be different. House2Home 23" Sofa Upholstery Spring Replacement Kit- 4pk Springs, Clips, Wire for Furniture Chair Couch Repair Includes Instructions. You will now be able to see into the box springs. In order to add legs, start by flipping the box spring over so the underside is facing up. I am definitely going to do this! © 2020 Condé Nast. Durch die Kombination verschiedener Federungen und Polsterschichten wird eine optimale Anpassung des Körpers ermöglicht. So cut through the outer covering, cut the springs and sew the ends to form the two mattress sections. In my case this made the bottom section slightly narrower than the mattress section on top of it. That’s the real beauty of designing something yourself—Clever’s version of DIY. If you made it nice and snug this may take two people. Repeat on the other end of the box springs to form the two lower platforms. This is how it turned out. Cut out two pieces using your fabric pattern including ½-inch seam allowances. Ein Sofa dieser Art ist aufgrund der guten und stabilen Verarbeitung besonders für Personen mit höherem Gewicht geeignet. I had this vision of reusing the box spring. Lay the fabric flat on this side so that there’s equal overhang on the top and bottom; now’s the time to get the pattern right where you want it. Fit one cover over the box spring and one over the mattress. My mom was forever hacking long before anyone knew what hacking was. Depending on your mattress you may want to cut the springs longer (the height of the box springs) and then use pliers to fold the wire down forming the back wall of the new section.

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