A 50/50 record deal can also be viewed as a joint venture or partnership deal between an artist and a label (or between two labels). However, some labels that have a publishing department may ask you to sign both a recording and publishing deal. Even so, we acknowledge that it nonetheless weighs towards models of distribution that apply to North America and Western Europe. In the end, through this hybrid distribution model, the publicity the commission was getting, and the efforts of the Markana Support Campaign, Miners Shot Down succeeded in changing the public narrative on what happened. Understanding music publishing companies is one of the keys to being successful in the music industry. What’s the difference between a record deal and a distribution deal? Dirty Wars signed to IFC, but because the film team was passionate about their film they still did hundreds of hours of work contacting people and partners, organising panels, etc. It led the government to issue a cease-and-desist warning to the filmmakers and launch a campaign to discredit their work. They don't just negotiate the theatrical rights separately, they ring the cinemas themselves, or in the case of Weapon of War, they create a mobile cinema to screen their film where cinemas don't exist. Ro*Co Films did educational distribution and international sales and Film Sprout did non-theatrical distribution as part of the film team's Invisible No More movement. If the film doesn't perform well initially, distributors can lose interest and move on to their next title rather than squeeze the rest of the juice from the lemon. Chasing Coral made a deal with Netflix in 2017. Of course, many artists write their own songs but this doesn’t mean that they sign for the same company for both rights. The deal from Sony was worth in the region of $200-$250 million and is almost twice as much as Adele’s $130 million contracts, also from Sony. Get more tips on working with a producer: Bobby Borg is the author of Business Basics for Musicians: The Complete Handbook From Start to Success (published by Hal Leonard) available at bobbyborg.com/store. Record deals can essentially be broken down into two categories. They handed out DVDs to shareholders at the Lonmin Mining Company’s annual general meeting, and eventually, with tremendous public support, they were able to secure an SABC public broadcast deal in August 2018. Another scenario for artists at the beginning of their careers is the on-spec deal. However, smaller labels that are only based in one country may only look at working in their location. This 'hybrid' approach has the benefit of allowing film teams the chance to tailor their distribution plan to their exact strategic aims. But, like, keep it cool in the comments and stuff. When they sign a record label, this can change. Record contracts can vary depending on the type of deal but there are usually several commonalities. The first deal you see may not be a good deal because a label can see your trajectory. However, the sole publishing right will be controlled by the publisher. Topics: In a typical production-company deal, the production company discovers, grooms, and records the artist, and then enters into a recording agreement with a label on the artist's behalf. Migos were one of the biggest artists signed to 360 deal on 300. This can be a good first step before looking at a record deal, especially if you don’t have the resources or capabilities to create recordings of your songs on your own. If you’re operating outside of these contexts, we hope that the mixture of examples offers you interesting ideas about what you might create or adapt. It’s important to note that 50/50 and 360 deals may act differently to other types of deals.

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