Overtime, I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t good enough at that point in time to be sending out my under-produced and premature material to record labels, so I vowed to myself that I would no longer send out my music and that I would spend every single day working and striving to be the best musician, songwriter and singer that I can be. I say good for the ones willing to work harder and start off small as for everyone else who starts off aiming for the top, you’re going to bump your head and learn a very hard lesson. Maker If you are legitimately talented then you will be found. I loved hearing this tonight..,I will take it to heart. Bj. Hello, everything is going well here and of course every one is sharing But if you don’t hear from us feel free to follow up and we’ll do our best to respond. Wondering if you’ll fit in? Hopefully there will be enough substance to draw the listener in getting them to listen to more than just quick snippets. If you are looking to send more, please use a Dropbox or WeTransfer link. Are you a metal band? In 2004, the movie studio was acquired by General Electric and by 2006, the record label had been fully acquired by French corporation Vivendi. Can I get any Positive feedback on this? . I was a part of a small diy label in my hometown for a while, and I’ve released a few records, (most recently http://oliverwaterman.bandcamp.com/ ) but found that without even a modest amount of capital, trying to make a job out of original music is mindbogglingly difficult. I just want to tell you there an exception to that rule if you run across a prodigious talent even if No one has heard them before because good music is still a major dynamic but mind you the artist must have game changing talent like great songwriting abilities for different genres and equal producing skills and just that God giving aptitude for the craft and if someone heard him and understood the capabilities and value they will most definitely see dollar signs. First,asking permission to send them a link to your songs? As I mentioned in a previous article, Unsolicited Music Demos: How to Get in the Door of a Record Label , the reality is that no one is soliciting to these demos. Our policy of signing artists has remained unchanged for 40 years: we accept artists that we believe in, who are not constrained solely by their desire for “commercial success” but are passionate about their craft. And yes, I am in the music industry as a musician, promoter, label owner, and booking agency. While that kind of thing might work in certain situations (mail-order brides, etc. The name Universal derives from the label’s early attachment to Universal Pictures. Please don’t send any more than 3 MP3 or WAV files in your email. I’ve read a number of other blogs and articles written on this subject informing musicians that in order to succeed in the music industry they need to build a substantial network and work really hard to have a magnetic personality as if, A) this should somehow be expected as part of the work from the get-go, and B) this is even possible for a number of musicians who could not suddenly become type A socialites if they sold all their musical ability to the devil. It helps but it isn’t a deal-breaker. Jazz? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Record companies may like to fancy themselves as some soul-mate worthy of wining and dining, and artists tend to be willing to bend over and take it, but let’s not put record labels on that high a pedestal. Look at our catalogue and listen to some of our bands if you don’t know them (although that should set off an alarm bell immediately, he immodestly writes). Here’s a bit of reality: If you are looking for a list of record labels that accept unsolicited demos, then you probably aren’t record label material. These are artists who might solicit a request to send in music but they will basically act not interested, by saying things such as, “we don’t care if you sign us or not,we’re too cool for your crapy label anyways”. Who get the tour buses and send the singers to sing on stage. ❤. We will accept digital submissions via Bandcamp, Dropbox, etc. It’s really – very literally – like sending in a resume for a job. As I mention in that piece: These are the tried and true steps to take in order to get anyone in the music industry’s attention, 1. It’s no secret that not every record label accepts unsolicited tracks. I know this from experience. Modern R&B*? Boom. If you knew as much as you claim on this blog, you would be IN the music industry. BUSINESS! So pulling any kind of stunts might not get you anywhere But then again it could also be the one thing that made your band stand out from the dozens of other submissions received that week. It just depends on your business strategy. Here’s the link: https://laststopbooking.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/unsolicited-music-demos-how-to-get-in-the-door-of-a-record-label/, The only record labels that take unsolicited material are not in the USA I checked. It doesn’t even address what it is titled for, which is “Record Labels That Accept Unsolicited Demos.” You don’t give a list at all, but your title suggests that is what the article is about. What genres do we work with? When sending you music, please include as much information as possible, including: We endeavour to listen to all music submitted to us, but please be aware it can take time. It shows that artists are still […]. Forget it, unless you sound like Violent Femmes. You are in the music business, so you definitely would know what to do and how to do it. That’s who I write for. Here’s a link to one of my favourite creations; https://soundcloud.com/numbskul/kickin-it-preview-instrumental-garage-rock. I agree with not seeming desperate, but you have to start somewhere. ( Log Out /  ), most reasonable people would not give you the time of day. Honestly, if you have any original material, just go to a local recording studio, there are lots around. Aside from telling people that they’re not going to make it, I really didn’t catch much “help.” In it. I was able to get some local press for the release, which did seem to help, but not to the extent that I would have liked. Here at Revolver, we continue to search out the latest talent and look to be part of an artist's story, and are currently accepting demo submissions to discover new artists to team up with! Hi Mark, perhaps you missed the link in the beginning of the article (I probably should have made it more clear). And I think at one point they either also included a used Condom or they put something like Mayo all in it. Tha… How would you apply these concepts to getting a record label? All materials copyright protected, http://soundcloud.com/gloryboy_solo/solo-x-closer-to-my-dreams, https://laststopbooking.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/unsolicited-music-demos-how-to-get-in-the-door-of-a-record-label/, https://soundcloud.com/numbskul/kickin-it-preview-instrumental-garage-rock, http://droptrack.com/record-labels-accepting-demos/, http://www.wcsh6.com/story/news/local/207/2015/09/16/music-oliver-waterman/32523603/, https://laststopbooking.com/2012/09/23/pitching-your-band/, Record Labels Accepting Demos | Last Stop Booking, How to Get a Record Label Deal | Last Stop Booking, How to: Band Agreement/Interband Agreement template, How to Book Your Band's Tour, Step-by-Step, Bands Shouldn't Practice.

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