What about the kinds of rights you are entitled to throughout your children’s lives? If you’re a soon-to-be or a new parent in the Netherlands, here’s all you need to know about the maternity & paternity leave schemes and post-childbirth in the Netherlands. Maternity benefit scheme for the self-employed (regeling zelfstandige en zwanger): if you are a self-employed woman. You can read about this in the next paragraph. I am a Mexican girl, born to a Swiss father and married to a Dutch guy, living in The Netherlands for 9 years (oh how time flies!). + 31(0)85 4000 338 Discuss this with your employer, If you do not tell your employer that you are pregnant, you cannot exercise these rights, so it is a good idea to communicate with him or her, A suitable, closed-off space to rest, where you can lie down, Alternative working hours, or even other work, if your current work is unsafe or hazardous to your health. Helpdesk The distribution of the leave hours across the week. This is called ‘, If a child is born in the hospital, his or her father can take the leave within four weeks of the baby coming, Under ‘calamity leave’, dads may also take time off to register the birth of their child, They are not technically given a full day off work for this, but they can take as much time as they need to accomplish it, A mother’s legal partner also has a right to three days of parental leave, immediately after the birth of the child, Whether or not he or she will receive wages over these three days depends on his or her employer, If a mother gives birth to twins, her partner has a right to three days of leave per child. The Hague International Centre 17:00, 28 The employer cannot refuse these 3 days. E: info@hulsbosklatt.nl. As a pregnant employee in the Netherlands, you have the right to: These rights are applicable for six months following your delivery. However, make sure you tell your employer a minimum of 2 weeks before you intend to take your maternity leave in the Netherlands! Part-time workers are entitled to one working week of paternity leave. Totally agree. Your employer is not allowed to ask you to take up your holidays during your leave. New mothers receive 16 weeks paid maternity leave. Here are the bullet points: In the Netherlands, women have a right to 16 weeks of paid pregnancy leave. Upon request the employer must provide the employee with a statement, mentioning the unused part of the parental leave. If you are unable to work after your leave due to your pregnancy or delivery, you will receive the same benefit amount for up to 104 weeks. Please note that it is a government requirement that you must take pregnancy leave – meaning you must stop working – four weeks before the due date. You have the right to care offered under the Long Term Care Act (WLZ) if you work or live in the Netherlands. If your normal salary exceeds this daily allowance, then your employer may make up the difference, but this is not mandatory. […] already almost 15 months old and motherhood has certainly been a wild ride! Those who take unpaid paternity leave in the first six months of the birth of the child can claim a Supplementary Maternity Allowance (paternity allowance) from the UWV if they fulfill the required conditions. Unpaid parental leave exists in the Netherlands for employed parents/main carers of children under eight. What do you need to know about the Netherlands? Unpaid parental leave exists in the Netherlands for employed parents/main carers of children under eight. You are having a child, you live or work legally in the Netherlands, and you are insured under the Health Care Insurance Act (ZVW). Dutch maternity and paternity leave. In the Netherlands, Parental Leave is currently unpaid leave and the duration of this leave type is 26 times t he weekly working hours.The rules made by the European Parliament must be incorporated into Dutch legislation within 3 years. Living & Housing: Buying a Home With Confidence, Renting in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The brain changes after pregnancy in very drastic and permanent ways. What if you fall ill for reasons unrelated to your pregnancy? As per the provision of the Dutch government, a pregnant employee is allowed a standard duration of 16 weeks of maternity leave (zwangerschapsverlof) in the Netherlands. “ACCESS is an invaluable resource to those new to the Netherlands and those who are interested in the Dutch way of life.”, Nadia Jeremic |Director International Health Centre The Hague (IHCH), “My compliments for the work you do, it is very valuable to the society, it is admirable.”, Amsterdam What if my income is higher than 200 a day? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Then there is also parental leave (ouderschapsverlof), where both parents are entitled to take 26 times their working hours. In case a couple is looking to adopt, the government grants six weeks of leave for the same, which both the parents are entitled to. Employees are entitled to at least 16 weeks of paid zwangerschapsverlof (pregnancy leave) and bevallingsverlof (maternity leave), starting in most cases four to six weeks before the expected date of the child’s birth or due date. Hey, the information is really very informative thanks for the great share. You have the right to at least 10 weeks’ maternity leave. Conditions All material on this website (DutchReview) is strictly copyright and all rights reserved. These rules are not always practical employees and employers. This is worked out over the last 12 months. Those who choose to adopt can avail an adoption allowance from the UWV, provided they meet certain conditions. Stadskantoor Leiden, Bargelaan 190, Leiden, Utrecht Currently, parents are entitled to 26 weeks unpaid parental leave per person. The application must contain the following information: Parental leave as such cannot be refused. Please note that it is a government requirement that you must take pregnancy leave – meaning you must stop working – four weeks before the due date. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You are required to inform your employer at least three weeks prior to the beginning of your pregnancy leave .You will be required to submit a certificate, either from your doctor or midwife, to your employer in which the baby’s due date is stated. Therefore, we happily keep you informed of developments in your field. In case of termination of employment the parental leave ends at the termination date. According to Dutch law, every new parent is eligible for a maternity and paternity allowance by the Work and Care Act (WAZO). We have another article about ‘, Legal issues for parents in the Netherlands, The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, The Access Guide to Having a Baby in the Netherlands, Go to the Directory for Legal Assistance Services, Corporate Housing Factory Launches New Website, The Netherlands is an absolute Cycling Paradise, Four Legal Differences You Need to Consider When Relocating to the Netherlands, It can be used at any point within four weeks of the birth of the child(ren), Although it is not required by law, some employers might choose to continue to pay you up to 75% of your wages, during your parental leave. you will get 2-4 more weeks of leave. If you have more than one child, you can take parental leave for each child separately. Kraamzorg (postnatal maternity care) in the Netherlands, Dutch consultatiebureau (Children’s health clinic), Janneke Hellendoorn (Life Transformation Coach), Nuria Maldonado Bellido (Psychology Within Reach), Audrey Dickinson (Nourish & Flourish Nutrition). We hope the above is useful for you. There are also special regulations for pregnant employees whose work involves: For further details, check the website of ‘The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment‘. However, in all cases it is mandatory to take leave by week 36 (4 weeks before birth).

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