It’s good to know that my handmade paint compares well (for my purposes! DOWNLOAD COLORCHART We offer 60 exclusive colors in any of our plasters and paints. All milled with the finest alkali refined Linseed Oil in limited quantities for a naturally drying durable paint film. Vasari also wins for a very smooth consistency that textures very nicely. Yours are the paints I use when I want to paint my very best.”, Sign up for Vasari Colors Email Newsletter, Copyright © 2017 Vasari Classic Artists’ Oil Colors, Bluff, Jasper & Cedar: Grays to Quicken the Imagination, King’s & Video Blue: The Essential Palette, Adrian Martinez at Historic Yellow Springs, A Day with the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association, Portraits of Immigrants: New York Exhibition. One of the great advantages of handmade paint is its tendency to be longer than tube paint and brushable, yet adjustable to hold texture when you want it. But Blockx has a very appealing silky feel, sensual to move, that probably comes from the poppy oil. – I have the dry pigment from Earth Pigments and have found it useful. I had expected  that Vasari would be clearly superior to my own paint, but in some ways, for my purposes (emphasis on that), I didn’t find it so. Expect paint that glows from across the room, fiery, gemlike color emitting its own light, to set your work apart from all the others, each and every time. I have since bought the pigment from Kremer, which holds up very well against Vasari’s;  Ercolano Red from Natural Pigments, my warmest earth red, is a similar color. Its accidental discovery by a Berlin color maker, Diesbach, was a closely guarded secret for the next two decades until the formulation was published, in 1724. There is one way that homemade paint is really superior, even to Vasari. References to Spanish art and culture are […], The Secret is the Paint The paint itself, not an obscure medium or oil, is the true secret of the Old Masters. Vasari’s Havane is close enough to their raw sienna that it could be made from that with a touch of red earth; I’m not sure it’s worth having both. It makes nice greenish grays in tints. Of course, every painter’s process is different, and something one of us finds desirable is the opposite for another. Vasari’s version is just too weak and too expensive;  I’m sticking with Earth Pigments homemade. I find them fascinating, and a desirable part of the craft of painting. I find that my handmade paint holds up well against Vasari’s. It was an amazing day of activity and insightful presentations including painting demonstrations by Larry Moore (in oils) and by Stewart […], Prussian Blue: First Blue Prussian Blue, the first blue synthetic pigment for artists, dates back to 1704. Honestly I would save all the mulling work and add a touch of viridian. (I have a limited number of tubes, so I don’t know if these observations hold through the complete lines.). Vasari is often described as the Cadillac of oil paints. I follow Sinopia’s advice that  you should mull if you plan to tube, but otherwise can just mix. I don’t think it has the character of more unusual raw siennas, but it’s very nice. Update:  I’ve been doing some texture face-offs between different brands including Vasari and Blockx. It would take half of my painting session to mull several colors and clean up. There are other loose, melting paints like Sennelier that are good quality and might have similar results. Your Flake White is simply the best on the market (I’ve tried them all), and what a difference it makes. These three are on they looser end of the scale, allowing them to be used without solvents or mediums if desired, but they are not runny (like Sennelier in some tubes I have). Where mulling matters for color intensity, Vasari definitely wins, but the color difference is pretty subtle and often lost in mixes, and I could always break out the muller and get close. Emily Mason was an American abstract painter known for her work in color field painting and lyrical, luminous abstraction. Because our Manganese Blue is not a hue and is not a mixture containing Phthalocyanine (Phthalo) Blue, the consistency and color strength is […], King’s & Video Blue: The Essential Palette Are blue tints, such as our King’s and Video Blue, essential colors for your palette or only supplemental mixtures, merely for convenience? Corot Landscape Set Vasari Classic Artists' Oil Colors $ 165.30 $ 132.25 Sale. [Touch dry in one day], Italian Green Earth – “Terra Verde Brentonico” Genuine – 40ml for $20.95 (on sale!) My paint and Vasari’s are similar in covering power and handling, but Vasari’s is better for the bluish tint. It’s the darkest of their siennas (why is it called Light? Here’s what I got. It breaks off quickly and stops when you lift the brush.

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