I mean, who didn’t?! I’m passionate about traditional and healing foods. Just whip on a medium speed for about 5 minutes and set it back in the fridge for a few hours to finish the job. Coconut Whipped Cream ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 from 3 reviews. Print. I noticed that when I used cream of tartar I only had to whip it for 4-5 minutes. As a true believer in the health benefits of coconut, I use coconut products in all my recipes. Whether you’re avoiding dairy because of allergies or you follow a plant based diet, these vegan whipped cream recipes will be sure to fulfill your need. From there, you can scoop, top, and dip away! This looks incredible! You can use a hand or stand mixer for this. I share my tutorials and recipes on my site with the hope of helping others to live healthier lives – with coconut! Thank you so much, Jenny! This 5-ingredient vegan whipped cream is easy to make, stable AF, and freezer-friendly. Yes it hold up great for some time. My pleasure, Vanessa! 1 can of COLD coconut milk (I use this brand because it is BPA free and additive free) Instructions. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Unlike most coconut whipped creams, you do not need to chill your cans of coconut milk before using them here. Below you’ll find my two favorite vegan whipped cream recipes using real food ingredients. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive exclusive recipes, So Vegan related news and lots more tasty goodies! I love whipped cream. You can rate the recipe and leave us a comment below or tag us in your tantalizing photos on Instagram. The cream of tartar is only needful for making whipped cream. So without any further ado, here’s the list that made the cut. Enjoy! For the aquafaba, is it possible to do it yourself? On sundaes, in my morning coffee, on a slice of pie. I don't have vanilla protein powder but I want to make this and I have everything else. Hi Tiffany! Thank you, Chrissie! As you said, the taste of the aquafaba was not so great, the coconut one was heavy. Serve immediately with your favourite desserts. Serve it next to a big bowl of berries or in a waffle bar for a family brunch or use it to top pies or turnovers at the holidays + ice cream sundaes for a kids’ (or grown up) birthday party. We’re planting a tree in the Amazon for every pre-order. Finish by adding the tiniest pinch of salt to bring all the flavors together, and blend that baby up! Store in an air-tight container for up to a week or the freezer for up to a month. We also throw in some vanilla extract for flavour, which also helps to mask the taste of the chickpeas. Pour the contents of your blender into a large mixing bowl and place in the fridge overnight or until completely chilled (several hours). One of my favourite parts of baking was whipped cream. Add the aquafaba, icing sugar and vanilla extract (and cream if tartar, if using) to a large mixing bowl. 17 Comments Filed Under: Desserts, Recipes. Required fields are marked *. More specifically, it’s the juice leftover from a tin of chickpeas. Thanks! Hello! We use the protein powder to cut the sweetness. What if you mixed these two recipes 1/2 and 1/2? The downside of coconut whipped cream is that it’s thick and dense. I think a cup or so of coconut milk whipped cream with a good amount of aquafaba folded in would give you the perfect whipped topping. I tried it and the aquafaba didn’t hold up. Aquafaba and coconut whipped cream both taste delicious, but the coconut whipped cream wins in flavor in my opinion. The next morning, it’s time to whip your cream! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All this time I’ve been tossing the liquid from my beans when I could have used it as an egg replacement, to make meringue cookies and to make dairy free vegan whipped cream! We make vegan recipes that defy preconceived notions of plant-based food. Nothing else could liven up an ordinary meal quite like it. Thank you. :) It stays whipped and fresh for 5-7 days in the fridge or a month in the freezer. Iconic times. If you’re still wondering ‘what the heck is aquafaba?’. This miracle ingredient can be used for all sorts of vegan trickery. WHich brand coconut milk is without additives? For vegan whipped cream, you simply need to whisk aquafaba with icing sugar until it thickens. Yes, you can use the liquid from home cooked garbanzo beans. We created SO VEGAN in 2016 to make it easy for everyone to eat more delicious plants so people and the planet can thrive, and since then our videos have been seen by hundreds of millions of people all over the world. This looks so good! I did try this but I didn’t fold the two together. Enjoy All Your Favorite Comfort Foods – GRAIN FREE! Hi! And while using coconut cream to make vegan whipped cream is nothing new on the interwebs, in the past few months, I’ve been experimenting with a few out-of-the-box ideas to really level-up this classic treat. This is where aquafaba wins. For mousse and other desserts you can leave it out. But you should only have to whip it once! It’s become an essential in our kitchen, and I hope it does in yours too! Thanks for figuring out how to make it, I just added the ingredients to my grocery list. I can attest to how good this is. Add cream of tartar, vanilla extract and sugar. Second question: Can i use other canned beans, or it needs to be chickpea? Be careful not to over-whip! It’s amazing. It starts looking a little droopy and in need of a chill after about 1-2 hours depending on the temp it's in. Tag @thecoconutmama on Instagram and hashtag it #thecoconutmama. We have canned coconut cream and milk. It’s also FANTASTIC on these sauteed cinnamon apples. We've found it holds up really well outside the fridge too. Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender or food processor + blend on high for 1 minute until everything is combined and a nice thick texture is achieved. This OG whipped cream brand offers not one vegan whipped cream, but two! Does it stay whipped long? I mixed the two together. It is so easy to make. Accept Read More, Who said summer is over? I’ve used coconut whipped cream successfully for years and love it with so many of my desserts. Thank you for shopping our affiliate links, as it helps support our business and keep the yummy recipes coming your way! Order your copy today sovegan.co/onepv. Your email address will not be published. No lie, I used to love dipping strawberries in Cool Whip when I was a kid. Whip the aquafaba on high speed for 6-10 minutes, or until stiff peaks form. Honestly, I always forget to do that anyway, so this method works like a charm! https://www.plantpowercouple.com/recipes/vegan-whipped-cream/, Life-Changing Chicken(less) Bouillon Powder. Your email address will not be published. You could omit the protein powder completely, but that may not give you the desired thickness or stiffness. The texture will seem kind of weird at first, but whip it up with a fork a few times and it’s as good as new. Required fields are marked *. Lately I’ve been craving something a little lighter and less coconutty that I could use for our pies and meringue. Aquafaba is the water from cooked beans, garbanzo beans specifically. I’ve pulled together all the products and resources that I love and use most in my home. I have made both kinds of whipped topping. . Is COLD the brand of coconut milk or does that mean coconut milk that is cold? If you’re not already following along, we’re @theplantpowercouple with the “the”. 365 by Whole Foods Whipped Topping. Does the protein powder taste come through much? Serve on vegan ice cream, use as a dip for strawberries, or throw a scoop in your coffee.

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