Curious what you should add to your vegetable garden this season? If it is too late to plant a second crop of vegetables, you may want to plant "green manure." All of these are warm weather crops and grow productively in containers. These eight fruits and vegetables will thrive in the dog days of summer and make mealtime with your family even more special. Before sowing these second crops, turn over the soil and mix in some balanced fertilizer to replace what earlier plants have used up. Summer is a great time to eat — and plant — fresh veggies, but some are better suited for warm weather than others. They should be sown directly in the ground in single rows. You must give them a place in your summer vegetable garden. Bush beans are perfect for an early- to mid-summer planting. Plant them in fertile, moisture-retentive soil. Beans thrive in warm weather. Many varieties mature in 50 to 60 days and will supply you with tender new beans until frost takes them out in fall. Cucumbers and summer squash don’t take long to produce fruits when planted in July’s warm soil. They will be ready after 30 days after planting. 9. Cool-season vegetables including kale and others in the cabbage family may be the best choice for mid-summer sowing. Here are a few of our top picks, plus some tips on helping them grow. You can sow this vegetables throughout the whole summer. Learn about 8 Summer Vegetables to Grow in Pots. But since they need support in order to grow, you’ll need a trellis or a fenced in place before you start seeding. Beans. These vegetables grow best in warm weather and when the sun is intense. For better growth make sure to remove all rocks and sticks from the soil and make it loose. Radishes are quick and easy to grow. Spinach Tomatoes Tomato plants love direct Vegetables to Plant in Summer.

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