Connect with Vetlife Online Twitter Facebook. ", “This could be because of the cases that you’ve been dealing with, the pets you’ve seen and the emotional bond you’ve developed with the pet owner. Get tailored news in your inbox and online, plus access to our journals, resources and support services, join the BVA. Check back soon for more information about these opportunities. Vetlife Trustee Tricia Colville explains why it is important that the veterinary profession supports Vetlife, and how others can get involved with the charity as part of our Mental Health … Please contact her directly with any questions you have or to schedule a time to meet. I didn’t think I could be a Helpline volunteer, but this was a way I could contribute. | Wellbeing, 15 May 2018 | Wellbeing, 14 May 2018 Welcome to VetLifeAustralia, the website of Australian Veterinary Mental Health Awareness and Suicide prevention Ltd, an autonomous, non-affiliated not-for-profit health promotion charity.The company was created to meet the needs of veterinarians after the First International Symposium on Veterinary Mental Health and Suicide held in Brisbane in 2015. | Wellbeing, 14 May 2018 It runs three support services called Vetlife Helpline, Vetlife Health Support and Vetlife Financial Support. Registered in England and Wales, Company No. I’ve become more aware of that over the last few years as we open up more about the struggles many people have; people are now talking and people are listening… as it should be. Vetlife Health Support is made up of a team of professionals: psychiatrists; mental health nurses; and therapists who have years of experience working in mental health. She then moved to the PDSA in Glasgow, before joining Vets Now. Our volunteers often deal with vulnerable people who may be very sensitive, so tact and discretion are essential. The role can be challenging but also rewarding, with the opportunity to build relationships with Vetlife beneficiaries and to positively impact the lives of members of the profession who may be in need. Given the number of vets and vet nurses we have working for us, it’s important they know there is support for them if they need it.”. Vetlife is an independent charity that provides free and confidential support to anyone in the UK veterinary community who has emotional, health or financial problems. Sometimes that is dealing with requests for Vetlife to support new initiatives within the profession like the BSAVA mentorship scheme. After reading the information I understand I need to switch off and have some me time which helps me deal with the day to day stress which we all inevitably have to deal with. By 2030, it is estimated that there will be approximately two million more adults in the UK with mental health problems than there were in 2013. Initially, I was a little nervous about seeing a therapist because of the stigma, but I’ve come to realize your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Throughout her time as a vet, Tricia has always been passionate about trying to improve the working environment for her colleagues, and in turn their chances of enjoying good mental health. *See privacy policy. I was astounded when I learned that last year our volunteers responded to 1,737 phone calls and emails. For tailored content in your inbox and online, as well as access to our journals and resource and support services you might want to consider joining BVA. She comes to the UW after having spent most of the past ten years working with active-duty military and veteran populations, including at sites designated as Centers of Excellence. 18 May 2018 If you’d like to speak to us about becoming a partner practice, please get in touch by clicking the link. As the spouse of a combat veteran, Dr. Boye is also personally familiar with the unique characteristics of military culture, and the transitions and challenges, student veterans face in academia. About Vetlife. Vetlife, which is managed by a board of 10 directors/trustees who are all veterinary surgeons, offers emotional, medical and financial support. It has been around for 120 years, which I didn’t realise when I first became a Trustee. "If someone needs to talk, they need to talk there and then. Dr. Boye is continuing to offer individual counseling appointments through a secure, online videoconferencing platform, and is working to offer a virtual space for connection and help with coping with all the changes and stressors our community is experiencing.

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