Break the gai choi leaves apart and clean thoroughly under running water. Some of my relatives only like the leaves, and some only like the crunchier branches. 4 1/2 lbs fresh mustard greens 1/3 medium onion 7 cups water 2 1/2 Tbsp salt 1 heaping Tbsp brown sugar. If it is nice sour and tart, it is ready to serve. Vietnamese people usually use a small plate or rock to place on the top to weigh the veggies down so that they cannot be exposed directly to the air, however, make sure that the plate does not cover the pot completely as we need the steam to escape. there’s a lot of good japanese and korean and vietnamese food around me, but not much chinese so i either need 1) learn how to make kau yuk All Rights Reserved. I have no idea whether the comment that I wrote just now was delivered or not (I am not good at the techi bit), but if it wasn’t I would like to say, as a London Grandma living on a Spanish orange grove, that yours is the only blog that I follow and it seems that I have been following your delightful blog since pretty well the beginning. After 3 days, use clean chopsticks to take out a piece and have a taste. 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I tried stir frying it, and it was OK, but not really something I enjoyed enough to be able to use up what I had grown before it bolted. Add salt and sugar to the water and taste the mixture again. I'm here to help, so leave a comment with any questions! I actually grew up eating more of the pickled mustard because it’s the perfect accompaniment to my family’s many salty home-cooked dishes, like cá kho tộ (braised and caramelized catfish in a clay pot) and thịt ko (braised and caramelized pork belly with hard-boiled egg). Vietnamese Pickled Mustard Greens (Cai Chua) #recipe. Younger (smaller) ones aren’t as crunchy. Hello Betty It can last for a good 3 months in the refrigerator. I’m definitely going to make a batch this weekend. Bring water and salt to a boil, and stir until the salt is dissolved. Kosher salt has anti-caking agents, and sea salt might have naturally occurring iodine (which will halt or slow fermentation). As you learned from my ruby kraut recipe, lacto-fermented foods are highly beneficial on their own; then you add in the mustard oils from komatsuna (or any mustard green), and you have quite a nutritional powerhouse. Pour in the brine into the jar covering the mustard greens. I know that other recipes may call for more vinegar, but this is recipe is simply done to my family’s taste. Yes, you can definitely eat the stems of mustard greens. Jasmine Le. These are dishes you typically won’t find on a Vietnamese restaurant menu, but they’re made in every Vietnamese home. Cut mustard greens and scallions into 1 1/2 inch lengths. After all, the secret to a good life is... Read more », […] all the hype, but vitamin A is also found in other vegetables like sweet potatoes, winter squash, mustard greens, and spinach, as well as in dairy, eggs, oily fish, and […]. Grasshoppers are closely intertwined with childhood memories of Vietnamese people. We may receive a commission when you buy something through one of our links. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. If you want to reserve, you can put the jar into the fridge and keep the pickles up to one month or so, […]  […], […] When it’s done, the pork belly should be tender and both eggs and pork belly looks golden brown because of the caramel color. My garlic scapes are just starting to appear now and those would be great in a kraut! . Mmm, small, simple dishes like these are so ubiquitous in every culture, and are total comfort food for those who grew up eating them. This pickled gai choi side dish was one always present in my grandmas kitchens. Play youtube video SwRX68e9wa8 on repeat. Unlike đồ chua, which is pickled in vinegar, cải chua is typically fermented over a period of weeks. You’re such an inspiration. In a very large bowl, combine the greens, onions and salt, and toss to evenly distribute all the salt. Seal the jars loosely with lids and store them at room temperature out of direct sunlight. My husband and I love your recipes and your chat. What a beautiful site you have! Bún Nem Nướng Recipe – Vietnamese Grilled Pork Meatballs, Pork Belly Recipe for Bánh Mì (Vietnamese Sandwiches), Chè Bắp Recipe (Vietnamese Corn Pudding Dessert). Turn off heat and wait … How will I wait another couple weeks?! Find a balance of drying time that you like. Thit Heo Kho Cai Chua (Vietnamese Braised Pork with Pickled Mustard Greens) I hope you and your family enjoy the recipes here Let me know if you have any questions about the recipes! I’m off to see if you have recipes made from these pickled mustard greens (I found you by searching for “cai chua”…was hoping for a soup with pork riblets or a pork braise using the pickled greens. Just any recipe as I love the tartness from the fermentation. With its alluring crunchiness and tartness, pickled mustard greens is perfect to pair with almost any rich and savory dishes. I really like this recipe because Chinese sauerkraut or suan choi (酸菜) it’s not that sour like a store bought one. Then pour the brine over the jar and make sure that the water covers all the greens. Make sure that all the mustard greens are submerged in the water. It’s just staring to get its wang and think it’s going to be tasty! So what I did I bake it pretty quick to make it dry and hey, it worked (at least it worked for me). Glad to hear it worked out though, let me know how BBH goes! It tastes just like the kind mom makes at home. Genius! Then pour the brine over the jar and make sure that the water covers all the greens. Commercially-made fermented Chinese mustard greens (also referred to as pickled mustard greens) unfortunately have a mild flavor. Properly fermented mustard greens retain their mustardy bite, but have a pleasantly sour taste and smell like pickles… spicy pickles! You can just try a sunny window inside the home too actually.

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