A shore lunch is provided on full day float trips. 2. You can't always get what you want, from the TVA, but sometimes you get what you need... Mark Kalish booked a float trip for some Watauga River fly fishing with Altamont Anglers back on May 19, and no sooner had his guide, Teo Whitlock, put the boat in the water than the un-scheduled TVA generation arrived in full flow. David Pulliam with nice rainbow It is an incredibly diverse river both. The decision to reschedule based on weather will be solely up to your guide. As an angler, some waters are more fun to fish than others. ". The trout fishing and the smallmouth bass fishing is highly regarded around Western North Carolina and East Tennessee, but what's not so widely known is the diversity of our fisheries: add in the musky and striper fishing, and local anglers have more choices than most... Click any of the thumbnail images that follow for a slide show of the fishing on July 16, 2001: David and Sheila Leach with a brace of Watauga River rainbows (click image for fullsize view). The use of all necessary fly gear is included. One moment we are nymph fishing a slow section, the next fishing sulphur dry flies below a riffle, next casting beetles and ants under overhanging sycamores, and then nymph fishing deep whitewater runs. In normal seasons August finds our streams shrinking under the late summer heat and drought, but not this year. The watauga River features a diverse fish population, illustrated here by nice brown trout, rainbow trout and smallmouth bass. David and Sheila Leech, Austin, TX". Let us help you get started. Options For Selecting Flies: 1. Supporting sizeable fish per mile counts based on TWRA reports, it only seems fitting that ... the Cherokee Indians would call the Watauga “beautiful/plentiful water.” This 16-mile long tailwater receives daily recreational releases of cold water from Wilbur Dam flowing over its numerous shoals and riffles creating a most favorable environment for aquatic insect life and year round angling. Enjoy a private, guided fly fishing trip wading in one of the most beautiful rivers and streams in the backyard of Asheville's mountains. Just because most of the catching is still being done Sulphur patterns, BWO's on cloudy days and the ever-present midges doesn't mean one shouldn't mix it up with the occasional streamer, as Bill and David have discovered. We haven't seen the fish get up on the dries so much yet, but they're on the pupas for sure. Greg Braunstein fishes with Altamont Anglers whenever he gets the chance (like this time and this time), escaping the work-a-day world of his medical practice in Florida for the cool, tranquil waters of the Watauga River. Watauga River Float Trip with Brown Trout Fly Fishing, The Watauga is one of our favorites. The Watauga River is where to be now, with trout feasting on midges, Hendricksons, BWO's (if the weather is right, which means cold and nasty), Sulphurs, both caddis (tan and black) and Craneflies. Click the following thumb for a full-size view of Nate's nice brown trout... Altamont Anglers guide Jason VanDyke caught this big striper on the Watauga River, September 6, 2013 (click image for full view). Caught lots of beautiful rainbow and browns on the Watauga River. Teo Whitlock with a big Wataga River Striper, June 4, 2013. A little rain in the forecast. Dave with another nice 'bow. Copywrite 2005-2020 registered by Altamont Anglers. Great gobs of Caddis everywhere are the main event on the Watauga River right now, but we're also seeing Hendricksons, crane-flies and the usual assortment of midges. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; This is just what AA guide Travis Honeycutt offered to our clients on Friday, August 9: Dr's Nasir Majeed and Usman Manzoor teamed up for a first-ever try at fly fishing, and Travis took them over the hill to the Watauga River, in East Tennessee.

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