Here are 10 legal clauses you should include in your wedding photography contract; 10 Legal Clause to Add in a Wedding Photography Contract. While photography styles, packages, and poses vary, most wedding photography contracts look similar. The photographer is usually on top of this, but wedding season chaos can lead even the most organized photographers to forget this step. Some planned weddings simply don’t make it to their wedding date. Finally, write in the contract how they will receive their deliverables. I only had the contact info of the bride for one wedding, and only the contact info of the couple’s parents for another. Obviously, this is BAD. It should be written explicitly so there is no room for confusion or misunderstanding. I state that I am to be the only hired photographer for the event. However, I wanted to share five clauses today most people don’t think about or that just haven’t added to their  contract yet. I recommend including a notice in your contract about how long after the wedding your clients can contact you for additional photos. The most common disputes arise from three issues: Without a detailed contract, it’s tough to prove a photographer didn’t follow through on their agreed-upon services. You could make a policy that no one else can take pictures during the ceremony. “Some countries require you to have a visa to legally work there,” she says. Use of this Site is subject to express terms of use. To avoid stress and having problems when it comes to the payment time, it’s important to have your payment terms in writing, including: I recommend a 25-percent non-refundable deposit at the booking date, 50 percent halfway to the wedding, and 25 percent the week of the wedding. I hate this is the world that we live in, but to ensure my safety and the safety of my second shooter, I include a harassment clause in my contract. Believe it or not, I allowed this to bite me a few times. To avoid legal issues with the misuse of client photos, include the rights of the images as agreed to by both parties. I had to agree to their use and explicitly state how I wanted the photo credit to appear in the magazine. These clauses ensure that they understand their responsibilities as the bride and groom! I also recommend you include a space for the email, address and phone number for the wedding venue, reception site and any other vendors involved in the wedding. You need all relevant information so you’re not standing in the rain outside a venue desperately trying to reach someone, anyone, to open the door for you to bring in your camera and equipment. These clauses ensure that they understand their responsibilities as the bride and groom! Ensure that the required hour of work is agreed upon and clearly state in your contract that additional hour attracts additional fees. However, I wanted to share five clauses today most people don’t think about or that just haven’t added to their contract yet. I always tried to make sure all payments were made in full before then, because it’s far too awkward (and too much hassle) asking for money at the wedding. 7. According to the contract platform Wedding Industry Law, couples inquire about suing their wedding photographers pretty frequently. If a Wedding is called off Less Than 5 Working Days before the Wedding Date, the Initial Deposit Will Not Be Refunded. Having it in writing can save you time, money and hassle. In order not to fall victim to this, ensure that part of the clause in your wedding contract addresses the working hour issues. 70 Percent of the Agreed Fee Must Be Paid Before Commencing the Job. That could leave couples high and dry without the photos they’ve been dreaming of. With a signed contract, photographers can rest assured the couple will follow through on their payments because a completed and signed contract is legally binding. You need to include a firm starting and ending time that is agreed upon by both the clients and the wedding photographer. Now I usually don’t share images beyond my own website and third-party blogs, and social media. All Rights Reserved. It’s a way for photographers and couples to protect themselves.”. Sure, you will edit them, but you need to tell your client how much editing they can expect. In the age of social media, we expect images from events we attend to be available the same day or the day after. Welcome to the KDP blog - a place for you to browse past weddings, and for photographers to learn from me! They all bring their smartphones and fancy cameras and do all they can to get the shot you’re getting paid to take. Now, there are SO many more clauses in a wedding photography contract that are so important and that you shouldn’t overlook. I have a unique vision that is ever-evolving and so is my technique. Almost all wedding photography contracts have a cancellation clause. What about other funds they’ve paid? This avoids litigation costs and saves time. Most photographers will say yes, but it doesn’t hurt to state the image use rights anyway. With sample wedding photography contracts, there is always the chance that you miss adding your name or the client’s name or an important date. “The contract outlines expectations, so if things go wrong later, it’s great to have that document to look back at. It might be beneficial to write à la carte pricing into your contract should the client decide they want additional items (i.e., extra photos or another album) after they have already paid for everything.

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