You can opt out if you wish. Moses lived in the wilderness for neither several days nor a couple of years, but for as long as 40 years. A one-click subscription to the latest spiritual devotional resources helps you be closer to the Lord! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Trapped? I think this is what happened. I think that we christian married women (especially young mothers)often can drop in two traps.One is indifference to others in need.An attitude like ‘if all my family members are fine and happy,it is all right.’ This happens most unconsiously,but is not so rare.I know that this attitude often makes other people feel lonely even in their church. Moses Kills an Egyptian. Create a free website or blog at If God had a purpose behind Moses shepherding sheep for 40 years, surely He has a purpose behind my shepherding the children He’s given me. I have seen Moses being ridiculed for his apparent lack of insight of where he was supposed to go. I can’t say that I’m sure I know exactly what God was doing. Today's bible verse James 1:2-3 is about having joy in trials. Today, the earth is beset by disasters like earthquakes, famines, plagues, floods, and droughts. Through such trials and refinements, Moses saw the hand and deeds of God, and thus developed true faith in Him, and had the courage to accept the commission of God and face the powerful army of the Pharaoh. These signs indicate that the great disasters of the last days foretold in the Bible are about to begin. He knew the time would come when God would send missionaries to the ends of the earth with the good news of salvation for all people. I was touched to hear about your experience “in the desert” with your handicapped son while he was young. Jessica, thank you for your kind words. We need to rest and rejuvenate our souls. Maybe that means ministry as we think of it (depending on what her husband does); maybe it doesn’t. So here we have Moses, very well educated in Egypt’s courts (Acts 7:22), “wasting away” his talents and strengths tending sheep in the desert, it would seem. This verse reminded me of the story of Moses. One is about the Israelites wandering around nomadically as a consequence for their lacking faith in God. Moses lived in the wilderness for neither several days nor a couple of years, but for as long as 40 years. They all read the Bible, prayed, and served the Lord, so why did God not protect them? Having experienced these, I developed true faith in God, and had a true understanding of my problems, such as notions, corruption, and lack. And, He will not release me from this duty until just the right time. And just what should we do to welcome the Lord’s coming? 2 Stories Help You Hold Onto Faith in God in Difficulties, 2 Major Reasons Why God Allowed Job to Suffer. I’m glad you enjoyed the article, and I’m uplifted to know that you agree with my thoughts! Most of us know the story of Moses delivering the Israelites from the Egyptians. But few sermons talk about Moses having to wait in the desert 40 years before God came to him. After 40 years, the naturalness of Moses, which was not fit for God’s use, was ground out of him; he truly saw God’s faithfulness, almightiness and sovereignty, and that nothing is impossible for God. Because God wanted to make Moses fit for His use, He arranged that environment to refine and purify him. It seems, however, that God had other plans for our ancestors. Only when he was confident that his people were well prepared and more then ready in all the above ways; and when he was certain that now victory was assured for his people that he decided to make a move toward the land of Canaan. I don’t have to do everything to help everybody; I only have to do my best to help the people God has placed in my life as a priority. The laws of geometry teach us that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Setting up social outreach projects is their calling. I am not doing anything “big” for the kingdom of God right now. It wasn’t until I read this verse that I understood God’s intention. Please know, I’m not saying all those activities are bad. A credible fighting force has to be strong physically and mentally.So he went about the task of changing his peoples mentality from being docile to a fighting machine with enough fire in the belly to defeat an entrenched enemy scattered in dozens and dozens of city states. And not just the mentality of his army. From judges to police officers to public officers and all kinds of professions in between. How Can We Express Dissatisfaction in a Healthy Way? So how will He reward good and punish evil, and how will He determine people’s ends? Hosting Bible studies is their calling. If only the Jewish people hadnt skipped that class while enslaved in Egypt, perhaps it wouldnt have taken them 40 years to arrive at the Promised Land. There was no way Moses could persuade these people to move on and there was no way these people could be defeated by force. Perhaps they misunderstood God’s will: they projected their own feelings and desires onto the plan of God; they read into the Bible what they wanted to see. Not a lot is known about Moses in the Bible until he was called by God, other than the day Moses visited his … If there’s any doubt on this point, one only needs to study what the Bible says about women and their role, and men and their role. Yes, there need to be times of rest. So true! So he must have gone about first looking for a youth with the right leadership potential. Answer: “Wilderness wandering” refers to the plight of the Israelites due to their disobedience and unbelief. He was 80 years old by the time God spoke to him out of the burning bush — 80 years OLD! It seems to me that if the older women whose children are grown would be full-time homemakers instead of having an outside career, they would have more time than the younger women to care for others’ needs, including teaching by example the younger women how to be keepers at home, as the Bible says to do. And to do this he needed to change the mentality of his people. I have little time for socializing. They must have reported thriving cities with soldiers and garrisons, massive forts and above all people with their own gods and temples and priests. I don’t understand: Is the heavenly kingdom in heaven or on earth. Now, disasters are occurring frequently everywhere. The most important thing for a mother to do is raise her family and be a helpmeet to her husband. What you point out in this article is very important and serious . Only in difficult environments will we truly look unto God and rely on Him, see His wisdom and almightiness, and have true knowledge of Him. When Facing God’s Trials, How Shall We Approach Them? They allow those other things to intrude upon, push out, distract from, and interfere with their main duty: taking care of their sheep. Can you imagine how difficult it must have been in the desert to survive and on top of that he had put together a military with all the fighting machine and the other logistics of war. His spies must have reported to him that relative to these people’s armies their own forces were non existent. I’m inspired to see your positive perspective in the midst of trying circumstances. Thank you as always, for a good post. Yes, I understand that feeling! So he was not wondering around 40 years in the Sanai desert. Life has been really crazy (though the goodness of God never fails), and I am needed to run the household right now. It was not just transforming a whole people used to living as docile slaves into an independent spirited entrepreneurs in all the required fields of statehood. Useless? This is a struggle that many people face at least one time or another in life: a reluctance to try something new, to veer off into uncharted territory, to stray from our comfort zones, all at the risk of traveling a path tha… Thank you, Sanae! How can we gain God’s protection and survive amidst these disasters? Question: "Why was Israel cursed with forty years of wilderness wandering?" One thing I DO know is this: contrary to how it may have seemed, it all had a purpose. Perhaps more to the point: Would they do it? During this time the King of Egypt died – Exodus 2:23. And it is incredible that 400+ years of entrenched mentality he was able to change in a mere generation, a mere 40 years! In other words, what sort of healthy boundaries have you set up? They feel that teaching other people’s kids is their calling. Even in the conservative Christian community, I see homemakers diving back into the workforce as soon as their children graduate – and thus negating their God-given ability to minister to young mothers and to the congregation as a whole. My family needs me to be available for them. But their own kids are only a partial calling. However, if there were some small thing I could do for someone else to help them, and I had the time, I would try to do it.

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