John leaves the group due to his unpredictable and aggressive behaviour and ends up assaulting a store clerk. I’m assuming she did, and that was how she got the idea for her research, but I can’t remember. He later attempts suicide due to his inability to remember anything about his past. Phil settles in to life back in Yoorana, but he’s clearly changed. Kirsten starts to experience bleeding as she and James approach the bridge where Carlo died, and James stops the car. Kate shoots William after what she witnessed with Phil. Hopefully people are watching it a lot on the streaming services. When he was out drinking with his father, he went into the bathroom and fell. She insists that they need to speak with Judith (Taylor Ferguson) so she can get herself and her child to safety. With Felicia/Mary Magdalene meddling they’re two souls skirting around the boundaries of space and time. -If a reject ballot would not go thru the machine, the employee would get a blank ballot and fill it out, unsupervised, and then forge the voters signature. He has fulfilled his by killing Elishia but says that Sarah has not fulfilled hers yet. They missed out on a better ending that I was convinced was going to happen. They were star-crossed lovers from another dimension, I gathered. So, you got to be thankful for that too. Kirstie and Charlie set off to uncover more information on their own histories, both determined to help each other discover the truth of them. There has to be more to the story than what we were given. Just hope they do not copy it and make things worse like they did with Rake. Still a fun watch if you can overlook these problems. The series could have continued with story arc’s following newly risen characters, as it did in season 3 with Belle and Chi. I agree, when you start liking him and he wants to start a new family life, he was killed. There is one minor problem here. If my speculation is right that Mollie of season 3 becomes or was Paddy’s wife in season 2 when we see Paddy’s son slice Paddy as he did Chi, why would the son do this unless…. Phil figures out that James is just like him. 4) For me there is wonderful poignancy in all the stories of the Risen. Having watched shows before that have zero wrap-up in the final episode/season I’m just glad we got a final season wrap-up. I felt that the season was very good. What was never clear with the season three recon was causation versus effect. Not fun. William wakes up in the police car and sees everyone at the cemetery with the fire nearby. Kirstie goes to Noregard. Often worth the wait though. He sets James free and tells him that they need to go to the cemetery. Remote possibility: Netfix decides to pickup the show and produce new episodes? lol, I think i missed an episode somewhere i dont remember seeing james die.. Can anyone tell when. James shows up at Chris’ house a short time later. William decides to head back to Yoorana where James finds him along the way, the two of them make a realization. He died in the first or second episode when he fell in the bathroom. From what I read, the producers said there won’t be a season 4. And naturally we would see more unplanned Risen & a splash of Noregard to keep us hooked.) They certainly just abandoned the whole Elisha and William being “connected” story line from season 2. & on one hand it made things more difficult to follow but it also made writers push on to give us an ending rather than a cliffhanger, which I greatly appreciate. She was an observer in Michigan who was there to assist if machines malfunctioned. Thanks for the kind words. On a podcast with Steve Bannon, it’s being reported that Rudy Giuliani said that Dominion whistleblowers are coming forward. Kate gets close with a local named Owen. He enlists Beau to help him get his house and wealth back. Catch up with previous recaps of Glitch before leaving! He gets into a scuffle with James where he is brought to the clinic to join the other Risen. but who rise the other from death like James, Raf, Pete and so on? The series was created by Tony Ayres and Louise Fox. Later she continues to communicate with Phil to help him find Elishia. But they stole it. Kirstie decides to go on her own. The 'Glitch' Cast & Crew Promise The Final Season Will Have A Satisfying Conclusion. Kate & Owen leave to visit Kate's family. Of course they find this out after the group of “nature’s chosen” kill some of the group. Too many shows get short changed and end up ending out of the blue leaving us guessing for eternity. haha Thanks for the comment. Hopefully people will start watching it and bumping up those numbers. Carlo speaks only Italian; he realizes who he is late in the episode and begins talking about his brother Alessandro. Ah, I thought her eyes turned at one point though? Seems you’re biased from the get-go. My concern in that regard is it wouldn’t ever live up to our “Glitch-y” standards, I’m afraid. They visit James’ grave together. I didn’t see any more coming out of their graves so can’t see there being a return. James and William bury Elishia. Best theory I’ve seen so far . I thought Nia had turned dead/evil at one point too? Just when Phil was starting to be likable too! Like Charlie’s buddy who was bashing homosexuals. He digs the bullet out of his stomach. I loved the Australian scenery, but the writing and motivation for individual characters was beyond stupid. Did seem to have something to do with noise. Again, I liked the show but I am not blind to its flaws. Nope—huge convoluted MESS of an ending that made ZERO sense. William (Rodger Corser) breaks into the house before being shot by Kate. It seemwd like William kept resurrecting and dying to keep the rules right and when Elisha met him and fell in love she brought him back with science and all of the og risen ended up resurecting along with him. There are some plot holes but what show doesn’t have a few? James is locked away in the jail cell. Every other worker was disparaging of Trump the entire time, and were wearing BLM stuff, ‘I can’t breathe’, etc. Chi believes he’s found his descendant and asks him for help to set his spirit free. As an unexpected side-effect, two new Risen, Belle and Chi, crawl from the graves and wander toward Yoorana, regaining some memories. She suggests going back to Sam Gard (Dalip Sondhi). Sarah takes a gun to the house where the Risen are staying. Again, it mattered very little. That would have been cool. She, James, and Kate try to navigate their complex love triangle and come to terms with what to do. “Dominion Whistle blowers are coming forward”~ Rudy Giuliani. it’s not necessary it just shows that back then they hurt homosexuals so Charlie sees it as a bad thing that’s why he separate’s those two men kissing at the 80’s place. Still, you never know. Kinda just left the question up in the air. Soon, the others are loaded into the back of a Noregard van with Kirstie and Chris. The series also won Most Outstanding Drama Series at the 2016 Logie Awards. When I say I thought he come back from the fire as Jesus I don’t mean the Son of God rubbish. I only remember her leaving nia with james and her parents and leaving yoorana for a while to to her post natal depression but I don’t actually remember her dying after that? The only conclusion I can come up with is that Elishia and William are not “human” in the sense that we understand it. [18], Glitch was screened at Roma Fiction Fest in 2015. I came to care about the characters and suppose that is in part why I found the series finale disappointing. Would love to see something like that as long as they can maintain the same quality or enhance it. Maria and James go to see that boy, now a middle-aged man, and Maria asks what happened on that occasion. The second series premiered on 14 September 2017 on ABC. Certainly didn’t help. Once that happened, James and Raf disintegrated, so you can assume the same happened to Phil. I’ll never understand the science behind Glitch but that doesn’t matter. Another man is seen digging his way out of his grave. William and James arrive. Charlie uncovers some confusing things about his past from a local bar keep, while Vic tracks down Elishia and John. He then gets home and finds Phil's bloody clothes. When William blew the whistle at Elisha’s grave in Yoorana, it produced the same symbols in the dirt that we had seen in the experiment with the sound equipment. Yesterday I watched the final on Netflix Germany and I was also left with some questions. I am pretty sure that she was possessed or whatever too. He is called to the local cemetery in the middle of the night,only to discover that seven people have risen from the dead in perfect health but with no memory of their identities. Too bad the writers did not explore this angle more fully. I can’t remember for sure though. What did he really get? By the time Netflix rolled out season 3, I had largely forgotten the backstories of the characters and didn’t want to watch the previous 2 seasons again to catch back up. Chris tries to stop the others but he cannot. . James asks to see Vic's grave and it is revealed that the Risen cannot get to his grave due to the invisible barrier blocking them. Meanwhile, James is torn between his two loves and turns to Vic for help.

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