This may seem like a given, but roaches are attracted to dirt and filth because they’re always on the lookout for new sources of food. Roaches gain entry to homes by crawling in under doors and cracks in your home’s foundation. Server responsed at: 11/25/2020 1:12 a.m. All texts are contributed by our excellent writers, 9 Use Fabric Softeners to Eliminate Roaches, 10 Try Ammonia Solution to Get Rid of Roaches. Just like cedar, bay leaves work quite effectively when it comes to keeping roaches out of your home. Cockroaches shudder at the fragrance of these items so we can use this to drive them away. Roaches are common and among the most hated pests in many households all over the world. Crush some bay leaves and place in corners and dark areas.Â, The aroma of bay leaf smells unpleasant to cockroaches. Make a solution by combining 3 parts of fabric softener and 2 parts of water in a spray bottle and spray it over roaches to kill them. Another advantage in using a natural cockroach deterrent is that you will be able to monitor the progress and evaluate control efforts because you know the harborage areas and you are there more often. So, the best option is to plant garlic plants in your garden area. Use diatomaceous earth to make a homemade cockroach killer that kills persistent pests like roaches, bed bugs, insects, and other creepy crawlies. A regular member in our kitchen, this plant can work wonder in getting rid of roaches, bugs, and mice. Also known as hedge apple, Osage orange trees are well known for their unusual shaped fruits. Seriously, cockroaches HATE garlic. You can make traps using petroleum jelly by adding sugar in the jelly and smearing it on pieces of cardboard. The easiest way to keep roaches out of your home is by keeping it clean. Put any of the ingredients above in a container and place them in possible entry points, nesting grounds, and high-traffic areas. Few things are more frustrating than a roach infestation. Use dried chrysanthemum flower heads to repel cockroaches naturally by crushing them into powder and mixing two tablespoons of the powder in a litre of hot water. Once diluted, the liquid can be sprayed into cracks and crevices and other areas where roaches like to hide. Look for any cracks in your exterior walls and seal them properly. Many insecticide sprays are now available that work great against roaches. Roaches are incredibly disgusting and are known to be a health risk. Make dough using this mixture and place it in different areas of your home. Clean crumbs and spills immediately . Seal food in containers. You can easily plant them on your balcony, backyard, and patios to ensure that the smell travels inside your home. The device uses a scent or other bait to attract roaches. Do not keep any standing water and ensure that all your trash and recycling is properly covered. You may be considering other ways to get rid of cockroaches, like hiring an exterminator or a pest control service. You can find several ways of how to keep roaches away, but using fabric softener is an effective way to kill them. The cockroaches in the area will smell that fresh citrus and know to stay away. Just grow this bitter plant around your house and backyard to get the desired results. Spray it around the house. It can take up to two weeks to see results, so traps should be checked periodically. How Do You Know If Termite Damage Is Bad. Last but not least in our list of herbs that keep roaches away is Garlic. Another product available in stores is a liquid concentrate designed to deter roaches. Relying only on natural insecticides is not the solution to a cockroach infestation in your home. The reason that cockroaches turn away in places with cats is catnip. Mix thoroughly and spray in suspected areas. Cockroaches can transmit bacteria and spread diseases to your family. | Image source: Pixabay. This blog was written by Howard Bright, Owner of Anti-Pesto Bug Killers. Here are tips to prevent them from coming back to your home: Source: Home Remedy Nation, Tips & Tricks,, wikiHow, ALSO READ: Household pest control: What all parents must know about it, Try This Cleaning Hack For White Shoes That Uses Toilet Paper, Just Has Two Steps, "No Maid In The World Can Live Up To My Standards": A Peek Into An Extremely Organised HDB Home, 5 Mid-Autumn Festival DIY Lantern Designs For Kids, © Copyright theAsianparent 2020. An Important Note: DIY solutions are not guaranteed to work, especially against pests like cockroaches that can breed and multiply quickly. Site by Coalmarch. This is one of the best solutions if you are asking how to keep roaches out of your house. Sweep the floor and mop it regularly to disrupt scent trails of food. All you need to do is add these plants in your garden and you are good to go. Other roaches eat them, spreading the poison to the rest of the nest. It can also kill roaches. Be sure to follow safety instructions mentioned on the bottle. Catnip has been widely used as a natural insect repellent for centuries. Another common way to get rid of roaches includes utilizing store-bought baits. Spray the mixture in areas where you suspect you have a roach problem. Keeping your home clean is one of the most effective ways to keep roaches away. It is therefore important to learn ways to keep roaches away to avoid dealing with issues that they cause. Add a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid to this solution and put it in a spray bottle. Can Roaches Be Kept Away in a Natural Way? Just place a sachet in your closet or cupboard to keep roaches away. Besides leaving a fresh scent in your garden or house, putting roach-repelling plants in strategic locations does not involve the use of foul-smelling pesticides. Roaches love warm, humid places where they can find food and breed. If you are tired of sharing your home with roaches, our experts can help you. | Image source: Pixabay. You can use chemical repellents but they are not exactly good for your health. Make a solution by combining 10 drops of cedar essential oil, 2 cups of baking soda, 4 tablespoons of borax, and 4 drops each of lemon and white fir essential oil. Who would have thought these lovely chrysanthemum flowers could be a natural cockroach repellent? Set balls of dough around the home where cockroaches can feed on it. Listerine often works great as a cockroach repellent. Sweep the floor and mop it regularly to disrupt scent trails of food. Cockroaches do not like the scent of bay leaves, which is why they work great. The pests stay away from the smell because moths and roaches think that they are poisonous. | Image source: Flickr. The truth of the matter is, most homeowners are going to deal with a roach infestation in their home at some point. Citronelle is often found in candles, torches, and natural bug repellents for its effective properties. Nature has blessed the cockroach with an incredible sense of smell, making it easy for them to seek out food and find a mate. Aside from that, they carry microorganisms such as dangerous viruses and bacteria that can cause severe human illnesses.

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