Though I was already working with a more “minimalist” mindset in which I had started to adopt over a year prior, I still think I ultimately brought way too much. Learn more. Korea doesn’t cater to darker skin tones or sensitive skin. If you have any kind of prescription, bring as much of it as you can – better safe than sorry! Buying garlic bread at the store? Don’t pack the night before you leave. I’m writing this post as a reflection on what I brought with me when I moved to Jeollanamdo, South Korea, 6 months ago. Mini Fridges for Skincare: Brilliant or BS? Many people had at least two giant suitcases (checked baggage) and a jam-packed carry on bag. Also make sure you check that if you buy skin care products here that they don’t have whitening agents in them – skin bleaching is HUGE in Korea. Essentially, nothing is impossible and the internet is magical. Some people might think something like this is totally unnecessary, but both items really helped make both of my apartments feel cozy and reminiscent of my colorfully unique space back in the states. The above could be extended to any product you really feel you need or can’t be easily replaced in Korea. Almost as a continuation of my previous point about great shoe shopping, Korea is an excellent place for updating your wardrobe! Pinned your post since I’m quite sure it’ll be helpful for other folks, too! All the major department stores will have them (Emart, Lotte, Homeplus), I’ve also seen them at Olive & Young, and even some convenience stores believe it or not. If you don’t pack enough clothing or shoes, fear not! I’ll never forget my first night in my first apartment. Medicine. There’s nothing more stressful than lugging around 2 suitcases, a carry on, and a back pack through a large, crowded airport which you’ve stepped foot in before. With that said, I’m lucky enough to be able to travel home before I head off on my next adventure so I will bring the tapestry and necklace holder in my suitcase. I would say that there are shirts worn by woman in the “West” that would be totally appropriate in a work environment that might not be as appropriate to wear here. He briefly looked at the pack I brought in, pulled out 3 other brands, and essentially told me to pick one. I wish I had it before I moved out here! Bring a few, but don’t overdo it. You can message Ask Ajumma on their site or via Kakao, and you can order just about anything from there. Korean sizes are a bit different than that of the west. If moving to Korea is something you’re interested in, I have compiled a comprehensive and realistic list of items you’ll probably need should you find yourself wondering what to pack for Korea. If you’re a fan of things like salt and vinegar chips, anything spicy (without a touch of sweet) or Cheez-Its and you’re wondering what to pack for Korea, I advise you bring some with you. It’s even more thoughtful if the gift somehow represents you or where you’re from. So yes, the idea of moving to a new country where you might not be able to access your “holy grail” products can be massively stressful. The spring and fall seem to get shorter every year, so be sure to pack accordingly! You will notice the products are a much higher quality yet the same prices of basic drugstore brands in the West. South Korea has four seasons, though here in Jeollanamdo we are lucky to get slightly more mild weather. You can find shoes in Korea up to 285mm (10.5 US) for men and up to 270 mm (10 US) for women. Should you be considered “large” in any sense of the word (curvy, tall, bigger than most ‘mediums’) be aware that your shopping may be limited. That’s the Dasan Help Line, they help with everyday life in Korea, and have an English speaking department. Thanks to the increasing availability of international goods all over the world, it’s becoming easier and easier to make Korea feel like your home away from home during your stay. What you won’t have is a wall of different brands like you are used to seeing. They sell many fantastic things that I would recommend getting for your stay here. Seasons in South Korea. If you wear anything past that, you’ll probably have a harder time finding your size here. Also, they have no qualms especially in public lockers because of their culture. DO pack comforable shoes. Your pronunciation will be much better and you’ll be able to read menus and signs while you’re here.

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