There were still many territories under foreign control of groups such as the Arameans and the Suteans. Manishtushu was succeeded by his son Naram-Sin, the fourth ruler of the empire who reigned for 36 years (2254–2218 BC).Under Naram-Sin, the Akkadian Empire reached its greatest height extending as far as Anatolia in the north, inner Iran in the east, Arabia in the south, and the Mediterranean in the west. Mesopotamian Empires 600 BCE - Historical Atlas (1923). What was the cultural achievements of the Akkadian Empire? The political strategy was to destroy walls, started the inheritance rule, replacing disloyal officers with own men. Their language was not-semitic and they were thought to have either developed an independent language or evolved from a related Asia minor language. . Assyrian Empire Map (750-625 BCE) - Historical Atlas (1923). Eventually subduing Babylon he allowed Marduk-apla-usur to remain on the throne. Create your account. They were displayed as a massive stone tablet that would have been available for all to see as it was positioned in a public area. The Akkadian Empire was the second ancient empire of Mesopotamia, after the long-lived civilization of Sumer. The Chaldeans were eventually overthrown by Nabonassar in 748 BCE who managed to reassert control over Babylonia and brought stability to the civilization. Regardless, Babylon remained the capital of Babylonia despite the civilization not having a ton of power under Kassite rule. By 850 BCE the first mentions of the groups called the Chaldeans and the Arabs appear. The civilization known as Babylonia while now can be looked at cohesively, was actually the influence and development of slightly different civilizations in the region that conquered both culturally and militarily then eventually mixed to form a sort of unified culture. The Akkadians were first united into a single empire by Sargon the Great. #5 Akkadian Empire reached its greatest territorial extent under Naram-Sin of Akkad. Did Sargon the Great rule the Akkadian Empire? The first and most important achievement is that they were the first to create an empire. Coordinates. Akkadian period. The empire consolidated power and crushed revolts for 200 years before falling to outside invaders. Garden building and beautiful cities were meant to display mastery over the environment and the kings ability to provide life. They existed alongside Akkad to the north and occupied cities such as Ur, Uruk, Lagash and Kish. Dynasty VIII was replaced by Dynasty IX in 941 BC and leader Ninurta-kudurri-usur II took power. . The Akkadian Empire was an empire millennia ago that was located in ancient Mesopotamia. In choosing his successors he decided to place his oldest son Shamash-shum-ukin in charge of Babylon and his youngest son Ashurbanipal in charge of the entirety of Assyria based out of the capital at Nineveh. It was during this time the rest of the ancient world saw the Bronze Age Collapse and the beginning of a 400 year Dark Ages. The ancient Sumerian cuneiform was used for religious purposes but was not spoken as it had become taken over by the Akkadian language. Under Babylonian reign the region of Mesopotamia would reach the pinnacle of its power in the ancient world more so than any other previous civilization. However, although there was a surplus of agricultural products, they were severly deficient of all other resources, such as metal ores and wood. It is easy to try and place the dates on the calendar we currently have but going back in time and placing events forces archaeologists to understand an ancient calendar and then find a way to equate it to our modern one. Babylonia despite a revolution under the leader Sennacherib would remain under Assyrian control until the collapse of the civilization and violent take over by Nabopolassar and his coalition. Another Dynasty VI replaced the previous one and managed to let the Kassites rule again from 1003 BCE to 984 BCE. Then complete these sentences: This stele represents the Akkadian cultural achievement of . Adad Nirari II would cement his power over Babylon in a peaceful manner through diplomatic marriages and do not subjugate the people to any kind of harsh treatment. This was caused by the invading Arameans who decided to sack Babylon in 1026 BCE. Their empire covered a good deal of land, especially in the Middle East. . Following the successful capture of Babylon an Assyrian governor named Kandalanu was installed as the ruler until 627 BCE. The Akkadian empire lasted for about 200 years and fell because its king could not rule such a large empire. The empire united Akkadian (Assyrian and Babylonian) and Sumerian speakers under one rule. Much like their predecessors the Amorites the Kassites were not native to Mesopotamia though. The American Journal of Semitic Languages and LiteraturesVol.

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