In 2007, Naylor announced that guitars formerly made of mahogany would in the future be made of korina (Terminalia superba, also known as African limba) wood instead. Tommy and the Koffin Kats have made it their mission in life to festivals, haunts NYC guitar shops, and is proud to be FDP Member #13. Chris Currently involved in a number of Pumpkins and non-Pumpkins related musical projects, Billy also has a hand in a number of other business ventures. Seth Anderson is in charge of online sales at Reverend Guitars. Reverend's vintage V shaped guitar is called the, The full-sized semi-hollow in the line is the, The Tricky Gomez is based on the Manta Ray platform, but it has mini-Humbuckers, called Revtrons, a 6-in-line headstock, and a. He really likes Bruce Springsteen, and has an epic beard. She is best known for her work as one half of the duo Wye Oak, where she sings, plays guitar and bass, as well as a synthesizer. So, they went to California, and became a smash-hit. He has been in way too many bands to mention, including The Zimmerman Twins with Reverend CEO Ken Haas. Reverend guitars have been endorsed by several high-profile musicians over the years. Brad continues to tour extensively with his various projects. Ken Haas is Reverend’s CEO. a long time Reverend endorser, playing guitar in his Toledo based math rock band House Tours. Gil Parris is a solo artist and sideman who is a real guitar playing virtuoso. Joe Naylor launched Reverend in 1997 in East Detroit. They have since gone on to produce three studio albums, tour the world extensively, including two Warped Tours, and win both Best British Newcomer at the 2014 Kerrang! Reverend guitars are made in South Korea by boutique guitar manufacturer Mirr Music and set up in the USA by the in-house Reverend tech team. William “Billy” Corgan is the mastermind behind The Smashing Pumpkins – a band that took over the airwaves in 1991 with the album Gish and still continues to be a major influence on the scene. Reverend offers many shapes and styles of guitars and basses, but the one thing that remains the same is the professional quality that’s available for everyone – whether you’re selling out amphitheaters or playing in your living room.Currently based in Toledo, Ohio, Reverend is run by Ken and Penny Haas. And do all kinds of other gymnastics that people shouldn’t be able to do when they play guitar. published in Vintage Guitar magazine, frequents jams and blues Eric “Shade” Balderose is the guitar player for Code Orange, a hardcore band from Pittsburgh, PA that self-published several EPs and toured the county while in High School. His beard aint too bad either. When The Stooges reunited, he was looking for a guitar with lots of grit and high-end fuzz, and he knew all about Joe Naylor’s guitar company. Because of its plastic-like texture and non-traditional appearance, the use of phenolic laminate would prove to be a polarizing design feature among players. She’s also a proud mom/step-mom of four. is a guitarist and founding member of The Koffin Kats, a legendary Detroit [citation needed] Some guitarists[according to whom?] We took the Sensei platform, added Railhammer Chisels, and a high-performance bound ebony fretboard. He can also be seen in the Reverend Guitars YouTube show, "The Ken and Greg Show.". Joe Naylor drew upon his years of study in Industrial Design, Lutherie School, and professional vintage guitar repair to create the first Reverend Guitar. Kyle Shutt is a founding member of The Sword – a band that has toured the world with acts such as Metallica, Lamb of God, Clutch, and Opeth, and headlined many tours and festivals. A multi-instrumentalist, Jenn Wasner is a person who continues to fascinate the listener. Reverend Guitars began quietly, in a garage behind a bicycle shop in East Detroit in 1997. These guitars, known initially as the Stage King series and now known as Reverend Guitars, featured solid wood bodies and a variety of shapes. Awards and Best Live Band at the 2016 Alternative Press Music Awards. keep the true spirit of rock n’ roll alive and well. Naylor Engineering, known for the now collectable Naylor amps and speakers. She brings the same sense of exploration to her other projects (Flock of Dimes, Dungeonesse). That’s where he met D. Boon and George Hurley – who would later form The Minutemen – a band that would inspire legions. Brian Gross-Bias is a guitar tech at Reverend. Joe has repaired guitars professionally since 1981, and opened his own vintage guitar/repair shop in 1992. started taking bass lessons in 1982, and was playing in his dad’s polka A tireless designer, Joe owns several guitar-related patents, and has conceived many other innovative guitar products including Armor Gold Cables, StringDog Products, the Heads Up Strap, All-Tone Speakers and Railhammer Pickups. Watt went on to form fIREHOSE and to play bass for punk royalty, The Stooges, as well as hundreds of solo projects with musicians around the world. It comes with either two Special-H Zebra Humbuckers, or. is Reverend’s Head of Sales. Ron Asheton (1948-2009), guitar player for The Stooges, was the first Reverend Artist. Today. In his spare time, Zack restores vintage arcade games and muscle cars, and maintains a collection of about 50 guitars. “Screaming Heathens”. The Buckshot is an extraordinarily versatile guitar noted for its ability to produce not only, The Charger - a retro-styled but distinctive-looking guitar suitable for country, blues, and rock, with either clean or distorted tones.

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