It seems that it's getting hotter ever year. You can read more about it and change your preferences, Get the best of Bored Panda in your inbox. Superior Sun Solutions is the leading provider of retractable awnings and solar screens in Phoenix, Arizona. So cold I want to move back soon! The circumstances which lead to these kinds of hot Arizona days vary, but one contributing factor will always be the geographical and topographical location the state resides in. It is my home!! I moved here in 2008 and I still cant stand the heat! I really appreciate your well researched postings. Why in the world did you go to Arizona? My husband and I are stuck here for his job until we can transfer. That goes for anything really, I will try just about anything once….just seems like there are a lot of narrow minded people in this world. And as for why Arizona gets the brunt of it, Huntley said we can blame that on where we sit along the equator. Whining has become trendy, but when you feel sorry for yourself it seems to only effect the ungrateful person feeling it. The summer days are longer in the Northern hemisphere and due to the tilt, this means longer days in the sun, and more time in the heat. You can accomplish the same thing by using an automobile's glass, or a magnifying glass. Above 105, it doesn’t matter what the number is because it’s just HOT. Thanks for finding us! The city barely tops 100 in the summer for maybe a couple weeks in June. I love your article and just how you explain it that’s just exactly how I felt!!!! Awesome sight to behold, almost like the eye of a hurricane. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. complain about feenix, tuma, tooson, etc, and forget about the california central valley. There is just no way about it. Anything over 80° and 65% humidity is just as unbearable as 110° heat. © Superior Sun Solutions, LLC. That’s okay though, maybe I’ve been in that desert heat too long at some point…. As I touch the door handle to open my car door, the handle is too hot to touch. |, NoArizona Articles Available for Download, Recent Articles For Your Reading Pleasure, Living In Phoenix Is a Matter of Perspective, Summer In Phoenix 2013: Hottest Summer On Record. The record (that’s right….record) high for Flagstaff is 97. Thanks for your input! You don’t realize how much you hate it until you come from a state with nice weather, snow and ocean an hour drive in either direction from where I lived before. I have several fractures all over my body so crushed bones is a first hand experience for me and frigid temperatures are my worst enemy however, 116 degree heat is too much warmth for me or anyone. So, let’s describe a hot summer day in Arizona! An Urban Heat Island, or UHI, is an area that experiences consistently higher temperatures than surrounding areas because of buildings that retain heat, and a lot of concrete and asphalt in the area. 3 comments. Maybe a cold shower will cool me down. This makes the air drier than it was when it was upwind of the mountains. Flagstaff is nice in the summer time but really expensive too expensive to raise a family on the kind of wages seen in Arizona. Change ). When I arrived I checked the weather report so I would be ready when I opened the car door. I seriously think Arizona should be de-populated and then made a free zone for wild animals so wild horses and all other wild animals native to North America can breed and roam freely across the inhospitable desert landscape. Receive updates to your inbox by signing up for email updates to get the latest articles! Though these temperatures were significantly hotter than the summer average (temperatures this day broke daily heat records across Arizona), they are still indicative of the unique position Arizona finds itself in. Usually, during the summer months, high pressure will establish itself to the east of Arizona and is in a good position to bring rain to southeastern Arizona. I addressed that in another article. Oh how wrong I was…. I have to sit there for a couple of minutes while the temperature inside my car reaches the ambient outside temperature of 110 degrees. Too much brown. I run back inside to the air conditioning, which runs all the time. ( Log Out /  Just informing everyone….Many places in Arizona are not unbearably hot. ABC15 celebrates 20 years of 'Operation Santa Claus', Get hour by hour temperature forecasts with the Storm Shield app. Ugh I applaud you guys who lived here your whole life! I have two air conditioning units and pay approximately $400-$500 per month on my electricity bill. I love the year round wonderful weather. I have a hard time with heat in the south! In the Phoenix region, the month of June seems to be very hot and with less humidity. Much appreciated! And, as a resident of this amazing state, it’s important to know that there are several effective ways you can prevent the heat and keep cool, even during the summer months. Once I get home, I decide to go for a swim in the pool. The temperature in Pheonix has almost reached a record-breaking 122 °F (50 °C) recorded on June 26, 1990, and it's becoming harder and harder to escape the insane heat. At some point in time, precession of the earths axis is going to bring the Northern hemisphere to a point of minimum distance from the sun in its annual orbit. Don't grab the metal part of the seatbelt and cover steering wheel. Besides, it’s pretty obvious the northern part of the state don’t have the “heat bubbles”. LIVE UPDATES: Tucson-area high schools cancel football, other fall sports seasons. 9 10 11. I’m very pale skinned so it was hell. The lack of jobs. Yesterday 36 degees and 31 at midnight... lol here in belgium it's finally calming down to 22 degrees. Hottest month of 1999 was August – average daily high 103°F And I’ve been through that three times. Couldn’t have described it better myself.. Dude, you don’t want the humidity. Hottest month of 2007 was July – average daily high 106°F ABC15  television station in Phoenix stepped outside on one of the Arizona Science Center's decks for a quick reading with our temperature radar gun. Our experts have decades of experience in creating and installing our shading solutions. You can count on half the year feeling miserable. For me, I start getting uncomfortable and irritable at 105 degrees. Where I live now, the humidity is only for a couple of months, and then the seasons change! Well, if you want to blame it on anything, blame it on California. This thread is archived. I love Arizona! Please use high-res photos without watermarks. I’m always interested in hearing from native Arizonans. The article states in 2010, there were seven days with a recorded low temperature over ninety degrees at Sky Harbor Airport; on these same days the low temperature in Queen Creek, in the southeast Valley periphery, was consistently ten degrees lower.

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