[5 unhealthy things you’re putting on your salad that are making you gain weight]. 02/19/04: Zambonis; Why does popcorn pop? It is hearty and filling, and a little bit decadent as far as salads go. 11/11/03: How to be a Nielsen rater; Why did Charles Schulz name his comic strip "Peanuts"? 03/03/04: History of pockets? 11/19/03: Did Betsy Ross sew the first official American flag? When Grauman returned to the restaurant the following day, he asked for a ‘Cobb salad’ – and so the dish was born. ; hose Susan B's; more 09/03/03: What kinda wine goes best with heartache? But all agree that it came to be at the restaurant and was named for Cobb. Opening the huge refrigerator, he pulled out this and that: a head of lettuce, an avocado, some romaine, watercress, tomatoes, some cold breast of chicken, a hard-boiled egg, chives, cheese and some old-fashioned French dressing. 1/4 teaspoon sugar 10/30/03: Buttoning on the 'correct' side; when you breathe on your hand it feels warm, but when you blow on your hand it feels cool? - Gus Allen. ; more When the trees would start to blossom the smell permeated the air for miles! 03/23/04: The first AP college basketball poll; U.S. presidents who changed their names; cutting hair away from an old English sheepdog's eyes; more And the rest is history. It's funny to think of celebrities fawning over leftovers, but when the Cobb salad hit the Brown Derby menu in 1937, a star was truly born. google_ad_channel ="8114328729"; Why is it called a cobb salad? Sometimes they would also add ferrous oxide to the paint. come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com. If you've enjoyed any of my recipes - a donation of any amount would help me keep going! Cut lettuce, half the watercress, chicory and romaine in fine pieces and arrange in a large salad bowl. [Recipe: Halloumi, carrot and courgette salad with ginger and sesame], Home improvement, interior design and gardening ideas, 5 of the best holiday destinations you can visit to see sharks close up, Keep your mind and body on top form with our guides to healthy living. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday,444 and hope you have a great week! Wanna see somethin' really cool? The salad might've only been remembered as a scrumptuous midnight snack - except for the identity of the friend. An instant classic, the Cobb is a chopped salad made up of lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, chicken, bacon, avocado, Roquefort cheese (blue cheese is often substituted), tomatoes, and red wine vinaigrette. 08/05/03: Where have you gone, Calvin, Opus and Cow? It was the New York Downtown Athletic Club's trophy to the outstanding college football player east of the Mississippi River. Original Cobb Salad Dressing - Willard Shapira, Minneapolis. Makes 1 1/2 cups Blend all ingredients together, except oils. Ah, bacon from a nearby chef preparing for tomorrow. The legend is that Cobb had not eaten until near midnight, and so he mixed together leftovers he found in the kitchen, along with some bacon cooked by the line cook, and tossed it with their French dressing. "One night in 1937, Bob Cobb, then owner of The Brown Derby, prowled hungrily in his restaurant's kitchen for a snack. The History of Food Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 1 cup (approximately) Original Cobb Salad Dressing There is some disagreement though over whether Cobb or his head chef, Robert Kreis, made the bold move to officially add the item on the menu in the first place. With Cobb that evening was Sid Grauman, co-owner of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – a Hollywood landmark and Academy Awards ceremony venue on three occasions. Mostly. google_color_text = "000066"; There are varying reports as to who and when it was created – Some say in 1929 by chef Robert Kreis; others say 1937 by chef Paul J. Postini. You can read all about The Brown Derby and its glamorous customers in The Brown Derby Restaurant: A Hollywood Legend, which includes many of the Derby's recipes. Another version says that Robert Cobb himself invented the salad in 1937. Stories vary whether the salad was invented by Cobb or by his chef, Paul J. Posti. ; a computer input device is called a mouse, what is the plural? [Read more: 7 healthy ways to supercharge your salads]. 04/20/04: RFK wrote his own eulogy; Hardy Boys books; more You gotta admit: They do look good contrasted with white farmhouses. 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice The Kitchen Project | History Project | Contact Us | About Us | Free Food History Course | Food History Search, The History Cobb Salad