Incorporation of new and encouraging behaviors in the company culture might prove rewarding to the employees and as such profit the company as a whole. Before letting you know the importance of organisation Behavior lets have a short introduction about what is organization behaviour Organizational behaviour deals with the study of human behavior in an organization and how individuals and groups interact within and toward an organization. The scientific study of behaviour helps to understand and predict organisational events. It’s quite important to study OB to control the human behaviors. Organizational behavior is important to control the human behavior’s impact on job structure, communication, performance, leadership, and motivation. So, OB is important to find the actual factor that causing the behavior and provides some different strategies to overcome the critical problematic behavior which affect the work environment and also harms the industry. It helps the management to assess the reaction of employees beforehand, prior to making any changes in policies or schemes. As we already discuss each employee differing from each other. Your article review must be a minimum of two pages For this assignment, you will locate an article in the CSU Online Library that relates to organizational behavior, and write a review of the article. The personality and behaviour of an employee can affect the way how a business runs. Don’t miss out on the latest tips, tools, and tactics at the forefront of HR and Employee, Keka is made for your people, by people like you, who care for people in the organization, The compliance changes in Provident fund for 2020. As a whole, the organization gains hugely through analyzing and understanding organization behavior. On the contrary, employees are more likely to hold up or not suggest any ideas at all if they feel they are going to face criticism or embarrassment. what is organizational behavior and why is it important, Incredible Clarification of Selective Perception, Ideas About How Children Grow and Develop, objectives of Training in Organisational Behaviour, The process of Motivation in Organisational Behaviour, Ecological Systems Theory By Bronfenbrenner, What Scientists investigate about Stendhal Syndrome, Reaction Formation a Type of Defense Mechanism. Notes So in this situation, some employees can get angry and reject to work extra hours. It also helps to understand the nature and activities of people in an organisation. Psycologyfacts© Copyright 2019, All Rights Reserved. Organizational behavior gives one an understanding of economics, organizational development, and marketing. The first and foremost importance of organizational behavior lies in understanding human behavior. Behavior of employees is highly impacted by work culture, as such it can affect them either positively or negatively. There has been a shift of focus from employee connections within the company and with customers to numbers. Your email address will not be published. In addition, the management has to understand also the reason for problematic behavior within organizations and take measures to eliminate the causes. When people are encouraged, they feel more confident towards contributing ideas that might eventually benefit the organization. Management tries to fix the driving force that motivates such as behavior and try to assimilate more factors in the work culture. Required fields are marked *. a. Organisational behaviour provides solutions as well the challenges which are faced by organisations. OB helps to create a healthy, ethical and smooth environment in an organisation. It becomes very difficult to come to the smooth solution to the organizational problem because human behaviors are differing from each other. An organization in itself is composed of a group of people working individually or often within teams. OB helps to define the company culture like experience, rules, values and behavioral expectation of an industry. An employee can learn how to behave by becoming socialized in an organization. It takes into account individual and group behavior and the factors that impact these behaviors. Organizational behavior helps us to understand why a person behaves as they do in an Organization or industry. Basically, joint worker counsel helps to manage a good relationship between the worker and management. In order to solve the organizational problems, it is necessary to first understand the reason for its occurrence. The need and importance of organisational behaviour are as under: It also an important part to improve the marketing process by understanding consumer (buying) behaviour. For example Annual Business Planning, Demand Management, Product line management, Production Planning, Resources Scheduling, Logistics etc. Which Process is Successful for Motivational Interviewing? This can be in the form of promotions, new incentives, plans or rewards. In this way, a good relationship builds that have positive effects on performances of employees. What’s the best strategy to engage remote working employees. OB helps the manager to apply appropriate driving force, use some allocating motivational techniques and tools according to the nature of each employee. Some have a liberal mind and some have conservative, so they make the values, rules according to them. With the help of OB, we can understand whether employees or people are Introvert, Extrovert, Motivated, Dominating etc. Managers have to deal with the groups and the employees belongs to the different cultures. Every organization has their own rules and regulation. Generally, employees gain an understanding of the company’s culture through socializing with other people. OB is important to understand the employee behavior and organization in the better positive way. It also improves managers, as well as other employees, work skill. This would be a good impact on the work environment. Behavior of people within an organization is governed by their ideas, feelings and activities. It is necessary to first understand the behavior of people constituting the organization in order to figure out how these work. The need and importance of organisational behaviour are as under: 1. Controlling and predicting human behaviors: Organization behavior is a socio-science so it’s all concern with individuals and its behavior. The represented of joint worker counsel take ahead the problems from worker to management and get a solution from the management. This selfless attitude can be a result of the employee’s faith in the management and their satisfaction and commitment towards the organization. Organizational Behavior is a social science as it is mostly concerned with people and behavior. Let’s take the example of Tesco. Organizational behavior also helps us to study the complexity of a person by recognizing the effects and causes of that behavior. OB also helps us to control and predict the employee’s behavior in the different situation. Why is the understanding of organizational behavior important?

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