I just wanted to expose you my thoughts about the deck and our divergent choices in a clear and direct manner. Aether Gust and Negate are better vs Jeskai Fires and Temur Reclamation. On the play he only boards in 1 Gust so 7, Ahh, that makes sense. What do you think about playing more Brazen Borrower (maybe in the sideboard) to fight to Sharknado war ? All Rights Reserved. While we’d considered banning Teferi, Time Raveler in past updates, one reason we didn’t was evidence that it was helping hold Wilderness Reclamation decks in check.”. Observing ladder play and tournament results over the following weeks, as well as the field of the Grand Finals over the weekend, we've concluded that additional changes are necessary. Four cards were banned in Standard, four in Pioneer, one in Brawl, and two were suspended in Historic. Ivan Floch is a Slovak professional player. Nexus of Fate was banned today, but Wilderness Reclamation was left untouched. © 1995-2020 Wizards. Stan Cifka and I both decided to put some testing time into it, and even though Ondrej Strasky was not going to play the tournament (true MPL elitist), we knew he was planning to play plenty of Arena anyway, as he always does. Your opponent’s life total is out of Explosion reach, but the total number of cards in their library is not. Against Rakdos, while being necessary to gain life, you will lose games because of Claim of the Firstborn (since you sideboard out most of your counters). In order to encourage increased metagame health and variety, Wilderness Reclamation is suspended in Historic.”, As for Teferi, Timer Raveler, Wizards got “much the same feedback in Historic that we get in Standard.”, In their decision to ban the card in Standard, Wizards said: “We’ve often heard the feedback that the repetitive play patterns and reduced capability for interaction that Teferi, Time Raveler can create feel oppressive and limiting. For all these reasons, I think 2 Uro is the correct number right now. It just did not have tools to consistently deal with Teferi, Time Raveler and Teferi’s support cast. Wilderness Reclamation needed the rest of the metagame to take care of this problem, like Temur Adventures did at the beginning of our testing. $0.05, As low as: If people play Ambushers, Legion Warbosses, and a full set of Wilderness Reclamation postboard then Aether Gust will be still quite good; sideboard based on what you expect. When Wizards decided to ban Nexus of Fate three weeks ago, rather than Wilderness Reclamation, they said that they weren’t seeing any problematic decks using Wilderness Reclamation without also using Nexus of Fate—so they decided to give Reclamation a chance to operate without Nexus. “Because of the increased focus on digital play environments during this time period, we’re choosing to forgo that advanced notice and roll out these changes as soon as possible,” Wizards said, rather than creating one-week lame duck formats. YohanD hey bro I’ve had a lot of success with your list from May. “We are seeing this deck put up significant numbers, representing over 10% of Best-of-Three games while maintaining concerning win rates. Of nonland cards in the Grand Finals, Escape to the Wilds was played in the second greatest number of copies. $0.24, As low as: “This isn’t necessarily indicative of how we’ll announce and implement in the future, and we’re continuing to look at how we balance giving players advance notice versus staying agile with respect to changing metagames.”. $0.08, As low as: And that’s all I know about Temur Reclamation. Previously suspended cards are now banned. Select your country in the list below and you’ll see only products available from sellers who ship to your location, along with the shipping costs for those sellers. All emails include an unsubscribe link. Posted in News You are able to ramp more often, escape faster your Uro and find your key piece more often. It is also very good in the mirror, to put pressure at instant speed and to allow you to resolve Reclamation. $0.44, As low as: We want to see which of these new decks turn out to show enduring strength versus merely making an initial splash.”, However, “there are two places where we feel we have enough information that we should take action: Wilderness Reclamation and Teferi, Time Raveler.”. I Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Finally, the current version that I just copied from my MTGA account: Thassa’s Intervention and Chemister’s Insight are flex slots for the deck; feel free to switch them around however you feel like, but personally, I like to have at least one Intervention and Insight can be quite slow sometimes. They have 4 Teferi, 4 Fires of Invention, 3 or 4 Mystical Dispute, 2 to 4 ECD and 0 o 2 Narset. Moreover, Four-Color Adventures has become the deck with the highest overall win rate and has a favorable matchup against 9 out of 10 of the other top decks that don't play Omnath. Any update on this for the new post ban meta? The faster things move, the more paranoid I am about installing deck-trackers and about someone having access to additional data, but that is a discussion for another day I guess. https://infinite.tcgplayer.com/article/Temur-Reclamation-Matchup-and-Sideboard-Guide-for-Ikoria-Standard/0dbffe7a-43ab-45e5-b335-986ae1a0119b/, Thanks ! Wilderness Reclamation needed the rest of the metagame to take care of this problem, like Temur Adventures did at the beginning of our testing. I don’t agree with you about Nightpack Ambusher. And since Rakdos Sacrifice quickly became the most played deck, our deck went from very good to very bad rather quickly, and we went back to the drawing board. “Because we feel the data shows a positive impact from the current suspensions, and because it is unlikely to be safe to reintroduce these cards to Historic anytime soon,” Jay Parker said in today’s MTG Banned and Restricted announcement. But, first things first. $0.25, As low as: Winota, Joiner of Forces Suspended in Historic, Nexus of Fate Banned in Historic, Burning-Tree Emissary Suspended.

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