However, this is not a definitive conclusion. "Entry: ‘Obscuro’—The nature of the threat is either unknown, resists analysis, is deliberately hidden, or falls outside the normal categories of danger. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. In Tau society, your fate is set at birth. What if reborn as a Tau is a turning point for them to have a warp presence. Episode 26 Part 1: Hateful Feud at Khaine's Gate The Sensei are the true immortal sons of the Emperor. Imperium of Man BoLS Lounge : Wargames, Warhammer & Miniatures Forum > Warhammer 40,000 Lounge > Warhammer 40K Background > Starchild, Sensei, and Illuminati. So according to the doctrine, the Emperor will be renewed--not reborn in a new body. More If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device Wiki, If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device Wiki. [2], The Sensei will sometimes be in the company of a select band of other powerful heroes. Kritisch. who wander the galaxy as heroes and champions. As the Illuminati plot thread was linked to the Starchild/Sensei storyline, publisher Games Workshop may have abandoned the Illuminati storyline as the Starchild/Sensei plot was written off as yet another manipulation of the Chaos God Tzeentch (in the 3rd Edition rulebook), although other, more recent literature seems to imply that it is still a viable canon plotline, such as seen in Xenology. Rank Taken aback, Leman Russ recognized the transformed being as his father. It is postulated that the Emperor's soul in the Warp acts as a "shining path", visible to certain individuals of psychic ability. … They keep the kroot around because in the big picture, they're not a threat. The experience of sharing a mind with a daemon has completely changed their outlook on the universe, and given them a unique understanding of Chaos and Warp entities in general. So the Emperor would not be able to take on the form of a Tau, because they have no connection to the Immaterium at all. Allegiance PDA. [2b] Likewise, just as a Champion of Chaos may be blessed by the gifts of one or more Chaos Gods, the Star Child gifts the Sensei with the Mark of the Star Child, which allows them to draw upon the energy of the Star Child. Soul Fragment Ehrlich. Thanks to this allegiance and their immunity to Chaos, at least some of the Illuminati are among the very few beings in the universe allowed to enter -- albeit under escort and possibly blindfolded -- the fabled Black Library, the Eldar race's ancient repository for their knowledge of Chaos, which resides deep inside the Webway. when, all, or at least the majority of, the Sons of the Emperor have been found and "groomed" for their purpose. The Sensei who join the Illuminati are fooled into believing they will participate in the final battle against Chaos, with the Illuminati even helping to establish a Long Watch of Sensei Knights who will participate in the 'last battle against Chaos'. While the Sensei are not enemies of the Imperium in and of itself, they are enemies of oppression, often giving them popular support. Because much of his soul is fragmented across the warp and yet tied down to a dying physical body, being kept on the Golden Throne might be preventing his soul from healing. [2], These Adventurer Bands may hide in underground caverns, deep within cities, or lead freedom fighters from the forests and mountains. There are several reasons why the Emperor would be reborn as a human. Trained Sensei are inducted into the Brotherhood and prepare for the final battle against Chaos. Fully and completely. According to the Star Child doctrine (considered heretical but I have full license to explore all heresies), when the Emperor is on the verge of death, all the Sensei (the Emperor's supposed descendants) will be sacrificed in his presense, and the Emperor will be reborn. Warhammer 40K: Who Is The Star Child? It is but one theory of many about what would happen if the Emperor's physical body were to perish. In short, the Tau are as xenophobic and brutal as any other race, maybe more so. The Sensei generally possess strong emotional attachments to their comrades, and will return to assist them even after apotheosis with the Star Child. He was born of humans, and he has served humanity for his entire existence. Voice Actor Loremasters, today we delve into the Mystery of the Star Child. The Sons of the Emperor that the Illuminati inform of their true nature become the Sensei "Knights of the Long Watch". You can't just reincarnate as something different next time, and the very nature of his existence (To safeguard the spirits of Mankind) even should he transcend to being an actual god, necessitates his focus on Humanity. While the investigating Inquisitor Fortez considered the possibility that they may in fact have been the children of the Emperor, he rejected the notion due to their association with rebel humans, abhumans and Eldar. There are Illuminati among the most secretive elements of the Imperium, including the Ordo Malleus of the Inquisition. [1], The Illuminati believe that when the Emperor absorbs the souls of the Sensei, just as he absorbs the souls of countless of psykers, he will arise as the new Sensei-Emperor[1] or the Star Child[2] to lead mankind. The Star Child, alongside Saint Celestine, are brought by the soul of Dominique to where Fyodor Karamazov and his remaining forces were found. Note: This section discusses material that was once considered canon but whose canonicity may now be questionable.The Emperor is the collective reincarnation of all the shamans of Neolithic humanity's various peoples, the first human psykers. This has led the Inquisition to believe that the cult is similar to the Tzeentchian Thrandos cult, and that the Great Sorcerer was perhaps masquerading as the Star Child. who wander the galaxy as heroes and champions. The Tau talk a lot about the greater good, but they tend towards xenophobia as much as anybody else, they just lie about it a lot more. While their father was a powerful psyker, the Sensei are psychic blanks and cannot be seen by other psykers. The fact that the Tau make wide use of alien auxiliaries, and even issue colonial rights to particularly loyal vassal races indicates a genuine willingness to maintain and work with alien populations. In conclusion, the Emperor would never become a Tau because he is dedicated to humanity and because Tau are Warp-blind. 5.1 The Sensei and the Illuminati; 6 The Sensei … Who is the Star Child? The Star Child thanked Dominique for his work in preparing Karamazov, and set his plan into motion. They simply lie about this facet of their society. At most, they think it would take standard centuries, whereas the "watch" could take Terran millennia. These individuals are the biological sons of the Emperor of Mankind who were conceived before the establishment of the Imperium, and are said to be immortal as well as sterile.

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